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  1. WEEK TWO What a vast contrast from my last log, nothing is happening, honestly. My lips are drier, the blackheads have all dissapeared from my nose. But my skin is only a tiny bit dry, nothing compared to it was on my last course. I always would have expected an IB, but I can say i'm 100% clear, smooth sailing... i'm sure you're all jealous.
  2. WEEK ONE Lips are a noticeable drier, as is the skin, i'm starting to moisturise, nothing changing in the way of pimples. See you next week.
  3. Dude I ht the tanning beds hard for a few months my first week off tane, got an awesome tan which lasted a fair few months... I've kind of stopped at the moment though, with the ageing and all.
  4. Was off Accutane for 9 months, I was scared to go of it too but your skin just keeps getting better, and don't be worried about the odd tiny pimple. I used Differin to keep the results but I just started getting these minor but persistent spots, not just localised but all over the place which indicated to me there would be a slow return. So I went to the derm and he put me straight back on tane, my skin is still pretty much perfect but i'm hoping this course will knock acne out for good, here'
  5. Over the last few weeks i've been getting a few pimples, so my Mum managed to get a doctor from work to write a referral for me, I got a waiting time of four months cut down to a day! So I saw the derm the next day, I was kind of embarassed because my skin wasn't even that bad, but he didn't muck around he suggested it, put me on it that day and didn't order blood tests because i've been through it all before.... So here I am again can't even beleive it, atleast it's not even remotely bad as i
  6. I felt exactly the same way, I looked a year into the future thinking if I got it bad again I could not live with myself, as my post tane pictures make me depressed. About 6 months after tane I got some pimples and thought fuck it's coming back, i went to the derm straight away to go on tane but he put me on differen, I was a bit skeptical about creams, thought they were bullshit... but it has maintained my results and as far as i know its function doesn't wear off.. just hoping to god I never
  7. Lips: Blistex in the pot, or Carmex if it gets bad. Cleaners: QV face wash soap free Moisturiser: QV Moisturiser. Worked for me.
  8. I'm not cursing, I just think that too many ridiculous things are being blamed on accutane, accutane can't cause every side affect known to man but apparently it seems to.
  9. Accutane causing yellowing of teeth? BULLSHIT, maybe they've always been a bit yellow and you're noticing it more because you're on Accutane.. honestly people saying their teeth going yellow on tane, give me a break
  10. hey man good to see you're still around, hope your skin is still going well.
  11. 6 MONTHS POST TANE For anyone who cares. Things are going great, however there was a scare about a month ago when I was breaking out, I was depressed and took 100 photos of myself examining them and how bad my skin was getting, because they got really sore on my chin, nothing major however. So I went to the derm and he prescribed me differin, I was a bit sceptical of this apply to face sort of shit, because I wanted tane again.. but this stuff has done wonders to maintain my results, my chin
  12. I supposed the skin did get better yes, the marks have faded over time, my face still takes on a bit of redness ever since I took tane, it isn't noticeable in those photos however.