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  1. That looks like something that a derm should be extracting...you squeezing it will only enhance the chance of it rupturing and developing an infection, which could be very, very bad (considering where it's situated).
  2. Definitely put a hot washcloth on it. I find that's the only thing that'll work to take away the swelling. And spot-treating with an aspirin mask should reduce the redness.
  3. I'd like to know this too.. Since starting on doxycycline my hair's started to thin..
  4. In Australia, Sydney university is quite good for food and nutrition studies. I was going to do my bachelors degree there in nutrition and dietetics.
  5. so would this be ok to use as a aspirin mask? Nah, Panadol's totally different - the US equivalent of Panadol is Tylenol, I believe.. Just go down to Coles/Woolies etc and buy a packet of Aspirin...at my local supermarket it was $0.69 for a packet of 24. Or you could get Aspro Clear, which is soluble in water, but a few dollars more.
  6. The company that makes Benzac bp gel makes a 2.5% version, ask your pharmacist to order it in for you.
  7. I live in Australia, and I use Neostrata Ultra Smoothing Cream. It's 10% AHA, and it costs around $45-$55 for a tub. Chemists stock it, and Priceline doesn't (since a lot of other brands seem to be available through them). My local didn't have it, but they ordered it in for me. The benefit of doing that is that you're also ensuring that you get a fresher batch than what would otherwise be sold to you through another chemist. The price might seem a lot if you're used to buying lower-end st
  8. 10% glycolic acid peel..haha...I usually get 50% peels at the derm. I use Neostrata facial lotions with 10% glycolic acid, works a treat. I've not found any decent glycolic acid products in supermarkets/discount department stores here in Sydney, only at the chemist.
  9. Try using a hypoallergenic shaving gel or cream for a while, the combination of the soap + razor could be making things worse. It's hard for me to know what will work with faces and shaving, for obvious reasons (me being a girl and everything). But with shaving my legs, I can tell over a period of time that shaving gel/cream leaves my legs with much less irritation and ingrowns than with soap (including gentle facial soap etc).
  10. When I finish my university degree and become a registered dietitian, I'LL write a book and blow all these dodgy theories out of the water PS: Provided you eat a balanced diet and are otherwise in reasonable physical and emotional health, you don't really need to go on any detox diets. And you don't really use any of that extra vitamin C, so your kidneys have to work overtime to flush it out or keep it in your body - both are bad for you. And I still say that's bad - especially if you end
  11. - Our body doesn't function properly without insulin, why do you think DIABETES is such a problem? - The brain needs a steady source of glucose to work properly. Glucose doesn't necessarily have to come from "sugary" foods or the like. - You can't simply say that all processed foods are bad. Some are obviously bad, as they've been optimized for taste/convience/cost etc. The needs of the consumer and the capabilities of the production equipment/technical abilities of the food manufacturing p
  12. Your body only needs ~35mg of vitamin C per day. It's a water soluble vitamin, so if you're taking any more than the RDI, your kidneys are working overtime to flush to rest of it out of your system.
  13. Too much protein will just end up being excreted through the urine and sweat. I don't know about you, but I find the smell of ammonia to be revolting.
  14. I agree with the low GI diet suggestion. Beans and legumes (disregard peas and peanuts here - peanuts and some other nuts contain L-arginine, which can actually hinder healing) are definitely one of the best food choice for improving overall body health. They've got loads of fibre, iron and protein, they're dirt cheap, and can be used to make a variety of foods. If you find the taste a bit grot (I don't, I've been a vego for 5 years+), try beans in vegetable soup - you can add them to sou
  15. Glycolic acid peels helped me most with blackheads. Seriously, 3 days after a good peel and they've all vanished.
  16. I don't trust store-bought peels, they're never at a high enough concentration to do what they're supposed to do. Even at the dermatologist, I've only had mediocre results with a 30% glycolic acid peel. The best results I've had were with 50% peels (they're usually kept on for around 2-3 minutes). But, I suppose it's a good introduction to the sort of pain to expect from a dermatologist's peel. Good luck.