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  1. Pintsize! How ya been?

  2. some of you may know of me some of you may not im going to make this as breif as possible i was recently detained for 47 hours until bail was made in that time i only ate 2 tiny boxes of corn flakes 2 peaches one cheese sandwhich and a one plate of speghetti with meat chunks which i only took maybe 4 bites of i drank nothing but milk and slept for 0 hours to my surprise when i got out my cyst had gone down considerably to an almost unnoticable bump and my skin was generaly more vibrant
  3. come to terms with your acne and go hang out with your friends
  4. always except for jeans i have to try on a pair of jeans before i buy them
  5. yo really i took the time to google a hand ful of scholarly articles and scientific research of this junk and people just go and look at the pictures. seriously gtfo lol thats not an educated conclusion
  6. what na this is your chancce to get them a really shittiy wedding present lol
  7. i still havent seen this movie yet after all the rave reveiws
  8. you shouldnt be insecure about your acne your acne is apart of you its a little part of you that makes you who you are. i know it is hard to face people... what might they say? god i hope they dont think im hideous... but why conceal something that is what you are... when your acne subsides will you write it off like it never happened ? just plant it somewhere and never mention it again ? can you live with writing off apart of your life and live the rest as a lie? is that being true to yourself
  9. My mom tells me she has skin problems, but I don't see anything wrong with her skin. My dad had acne, but I never knew because his skin is flawless........ I just don't want to have to fight with acne anymore. I want to unleash my talents and live a positive life. Acne as made my life a living hell. I do bad in school because of acne. I've even skipped class to avoid people. Work makes it harder for me. Maybe later tonight I'll post some pictures of my skin. you're wasting your year
  10. as i understand it hydrogen peroxide is very harsh and dosent kill p acnes
  11. i think there is only so much a parent can do . it is up to the person suffering from acne to get over the psychological stigma that acne entails on their own. i see it on these boards like a death cycle ppl come on bitch and moan (regardless of severity) ppl lend support and it only does so much is like preaching to the deaf. wait another week same post different title. some things are left on yourself to overcome.
  12. it doesnt scar! the small needle prick it the trick, but only when the pimple is ready!!! if you say so i mean with your credentials and all
  13. one day you'll realise there's more to it then just your appearance but by then you wont get these lost years back