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  1. i have two or 3 marks im fading with ths bleaching cream but no acne at all
  2. over the last couple weeks my topical creams have went on E and ive been to busy to re-up. So ive just been using face wash and a bleaching cream to even my tone. Im beginning to think it was just a puberty thing. It was only from 14-18.
  3. i was prescribed rosula face wash with retin-a-micro and benzoyl peroxide. It seems simple and at first there was slow progress, but now ive been clear for a month and a half (the longest ive been clear before this was 6 days)
  4. I went through years of needless pain. Now, three months after my first visit with a dermatologist, I'm 100 percent clear. That pain couldve been easily avoided, but I chose not to. For those that haven't, that may very well be your solution.
  5. yea those r my favs i think they prove controversy sells...but that have talent too
  6. dont hate congratulate we all get our day....trust me
  7. my point was i shouldnt have been like that in the first place. its all a state of mind. we tell ourselves we look horrible, that we need to be in the house, that we have to conceal ourselves with make up and hats. I know acne-ridden people who live normal lives. they dont let it affect them. YOU GUYS DO. you dont have to live like that. go to a psychiatrist. take some wellbutrin or something
  8. thats how i used to be in between my breakout sessions. those couple of clear days i would get, id be on top of the world. Ive been clear for about a month and its still something holding me back. i just dont know what
  9. i thought they would, but i guess i was so used to it it was only from 15-18 last month, it just disappeared, shit creeped me out ur from philly though? where?