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  1. If you feel one of those suckers under your skin or even if it has begun to surface, what i recommend is dabbing a little antibiotic ointment (neosporin, double or triple antibiotic) onto the bump. rub it in gently. and then find a small face towel, wet a corner of it, put it in the microwave for 30 seconds or so, and then apply with a little bit of pressure onto the bump. do this for about a minute on each bump. depending on how developed the pimple is, it is usually necessary to do this
  2. http://i95.photobucket.com/albums/l155/darkangel079/10.jpg Ok, thanks Xero for the tip. Let's see if this works. The big red mark on the left had a scab that stayed on for a LONG time and it fell of about a week ago. Does this look ok to those of you who are experienced with crossing? I am afraid that I might have put to much of the acid on. The two scabs forming on the right are my newer crossed scars. I just crossed them last tuesday, almost a week ago. Does everything look ok? o
  3. Can someone tell me the easiest way to paste a photo on here? My picture doesn't have a URL, so what can i do? My TCA peel scab fell off a week ago, and left behind a major red mark. I don't know if this is burned/damaged skin and wanted to ask you guys . so if i could only show a picture.... please help. thanks
  4. I did a TCA cross using 100%. On one scar, I put too much of the tca and it left a harder scab than the other 3 scars i treated. It's a hard, crusty scab that has been on my cheek for about three weeks now! I wouldn't dare pick it or force it off in any way, but i was wondering if you'd have any suggestions on helping my wound heal faster. I am already applying neosporin to it day and night. Maybe I should try an alcohol solution? please help. thanks
  5. the thing is, the skin around the scab is turning red also. So i stopped applying cp to it and applied neosporin tonight. hope this helps. Does anyone else know what is going on? please, im very concerned about this scab...
  6. I used 100% tca to cross a scar and i think I put too much on one scar. unlike my other scars that are know forming brownish/red scabs, this scar is a bluish gray! Is this a burn? what am I suppose to do? please help, thanks
  7. I can't seem to tell if my skin has scabs or burns. Boy, I hope they are scabs. From experience, my scags are raised above the skin and have a hard, crusty surface. What I see on my face is reddish brown patches at the level of my normal skin. ... any input?
  8. well, i didn't get any holes while performing my cross and i was wondering why. I remember Reilly's pictures of her cross and she also had a couple of holes/punctures on her skin. but she healed so nicely and look at her skin now! its amazing! also, other pics of cross method show holes. Am i not pushing hard enough? I frosted nicely, so i know the amount of tca was good. Perhaps its because im only using a 25%. Do you think that is it? also, how long do you leave the tca on the skin wh
  9. quick question if anybody knows. all of the pictures of tca cross frosting seem to have holes in the skin. Huge holes and i don't understand why they are there. is this where the skin was punctured? I didn't think you needed to make a hole in your skin to perform TCA cross. i read that you just need to press hard on the scar tissue. could someone explain please? thanks
  10. ok, well i went ahead and did it anyways. any advice on treating the skin after the frosting wears off? should I put oitment on it or just leave it alone?
  11. Hello, Im planning to do TCA cross on myself. I know its risky, so I am starting with the leftover 25% I used for a peel a few weeks ago. I won't try the 50 or 100 until i am experienced. but anyways, could someone give me a link to a thread that has already discussed a good step-by step approach to this method? I don't want to bother ou again with questions. thanks DA
  12. Well, sorry I didn't keep up with my posts, but on day 7, I finally saw the first sign of peeling! There was a slither of white skin in one of the brown leathery patches of skin. Now, it is day 11 and there is a lot of peeling. Underneath the dead peeled skin, there is some white skin that really doesn't match my complexion all that well. I had friends from out of town come over during the weekend and my face must've been a sight for them! lol, so i just told them i had a really bad sunburn
  13. 7th day now! its been a week and no peel! I know it will peel becuase my skin has a rough film over it, but it is taking forever! One thing I don't understand is moisturizing. I had a peel done before, almost two years ago. It was a herbal peel done at a cosmetic center. I remember they were very strict about keeping my skin dry, not moisturized. They even sold me this solution that would make sure that my skin would remain dry. I started peeling within the third day, and all went well
  14. sixth day now. still the same as yesterday , no progress at all. This is one heck of a slow peel. I even tried the hot compresses last night, but no peeling at all today. Check the link below. How come my skin didn't react so quickly. Her skin drastically changed on the second day! and she only put two layers of the 25%! arghh. . . . . . . http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...c=44742&hl=
  15. day 5 and my skin feels a bit tight. It looks like theres a plastic film on the patches of skin where I applied the TCA. I should start to peel any time now.... any time... tonight I will also try the hot compresses to speed up the process. wow, this really isn't what i expected from a tca peel. i thought 25% would peel crazy fast and my face would be red for days after the application. but nope, just normal looking skin. nobody even noticed. Though my fingertips on the hand that I us