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  1. actually, yeah, this is what I'm using now. I was on the regimen for an extremely long time. It was a roller coaster of "what am i going to look like tomorrow?" and even though there were periods when I looked decent, it was never great, and at the end the 2.5% bp was doing next to nothing and my complexion was a mess. So I ordered Nature's Cure and in the past two weeks I've cleared up a lot, but I know EVERYONE says that when they've found what works for them that it's so cliche. The 5% bp ne
  2. calm down. If you want to learn about over-the-counter products, you should post to the "over-the-counter acne medications forum" right here.
  3. Day 35 Time to update! I made it through the first week of school. I'm only getting some breakouts here and there, but they seem like they're going away a little faster than usual. I did get this big ol' one on my cheek, and it came to a big white head, which popped, but it's healed really fast. My red marks are getting a chance to heal finally. I'm still getting some of those red bumps! They have no whitehead, they're just red bumps! I've got one on the right side of my face and it itches bad
  4. Day 28 Today was the first day of school, and, while I wasn't clear, I haven't had any new zits in the past two or three days, which is really good. My face is looking really good. If I can maintain not getting any new zits for a while, my red marks will fade faster and I can finally get on with some clear skin. My face is, however, pretty dry and red, which is annoying. I was thinking of getting some of that green-based moisturizer to reduce the redness. Any suggestions for redness?
  5. I usually just leave it all on. Unless I'm playing in the morning and then I just rinse off my face w/ water and apply moisturizer, and then after I'm done getting all sweaty, I'll do the regimen when I'm cleaning up. Otherwise, when it's sports during the day, I just leave it on, but you gotta wash the sweat off afterwards.
  6. Day 24 School starts on Friday and orientation is tonight! I'd be excited, but I've got those horrid red dots on my cheeks and one on my forehead. To make up for that I'll wear something totally awesome and walk in with my friends. Two of those zits with whiteheads popped up on my cheek and one of my forehead along with a couple more of those wretched red spots!! I so haven't picked at them like I usually do. Maybe that'll help them go away quicker and without leaving a little mark. Looks like
  7. Day 22 I'm doing much better with the dry skin and irritation. I must confess the past few days I've started only using the benzoyl peroxide at night. And the difference has been amazing. At night I cleanse with my Dove bar, then wait 10 minutes, apply bp gel, wait 10 minutes, and use my Neutrogena Oil-Free Moisture. In the morning I cleanse with my Dove bar and apply my new moisturizer: Olay Complete Multi-radiance daily illuminating UV lotion (spf 15 and fragrance free). It's my new favorit
  8. Thanks guys for the quick encouragement! I'm positive I'm being extra gentle. I watched the videos and am doing what it shows. My cleanser is a Dove bar of soap, which my dermatologist said was one of the best gentle cleansers you could use. I'm still using my Neutrogena oil-free moisture spf-15. I haven't gotten the chance to get the Eucerin.
  9. Day 19 I'm dry, pissed, and full of spots. I haven't been clear for a while now, and it's not that I'm not clear, it's that I'm worse off than before the regimen and I'm following it to a "T". My skin was better for a while during week two, but it didn't last too long. It's back to being really dry and flaky and burns when I put on any kind of moisturizer. I haven't even built up to the full amount of bp gel b/c I think that might kill my face, even though it already feels like it's dying. I'
  10. Day 17 I've got the week-three-blues. Right now I've got two whiteheads on my chin, a red spot and a small whitehead on my left cheek and just general redness on my right cheek. I can not stand the dryness the bp makes my skin. My chin especially is very flaky. I'm sick of dumping on the moisturizer and it's not even getting rid of the flakiness. I look greasy plus flaky at the same time! But I will keep on. School starts in less than two weeks. Shopping will make me feel better.
  11. I'm around week three and lately my lips have been really dry and flaky around the edges. I know I'm not getting bp on them, but I'm sure it's soaking into the outter edges of my lips. If I put chapstick on the outter parts of my lips, I might get it on my skin and it could make me break out there, so I'm thinking I should just apply the bp gel less close to my lips than I have been. Any suggestions?
  12. Day 13 Doing much much better! Love the bp gel more than the OTS. It does go on better, but I think since it's a gel it makes me a little more shiny than the cream, but it doesn't bother me. My skin still gets dry during the day even through the moisturizer, but it doesn't bother me much as long as I see results. Most of that bad breakout has cleared up and I've only got one active pimple on my left cheek and it's really small. Maybe since I've only had mild acne it'll take less time to get it
  13. Thanks! I'll have to try that one. I prefer electric razors over regular and I'm always looking for a better one. Also, what kind of Norelco cool skin razor is it? I looked them up on amazon and there's like a lot of different kinds, like the "7775x" "7735x" "6701x" etc.