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  1. I was on accutane for for about one month. I just took myself off of it and told my doctor last week. But it worked wonders in its month of use and is still work. Hope it works for you.
  2. I am thinking of going on Zenmed myself. I recently took myself off of Accutane yesterday after less than a month. I was feeling some pressure in my head and that was too scary for me. Glad this has worked for you and hopefully it will work for me too.
  3. kellycluver, I have started using accutane for two weeks now. Someone has told me that they have notice some results already. I do understand your hesitation though. There are so many threads on here of people who have/are taken/-ing it.
  4. Does your liver have long time effects after accutane? Is it permanently damaged to some degree after accutane?
  5. Well actually minocycline did work for me but the only thing with this is that you can't be on it for that long or your body becomes dependent on it and may produce blood clots. Once you are off you are on your own though from my experience.
  6. Yeah I had a problem with the skin peeling too, it was all over my face but mostly on my chin. I couldn't find anything that prevented it, I just stopped using Tazorac.
  7. This is just my story but I was using Tazorac last year from April til July. The month of April and May were really good, it was getting rid of and eliminating pimples and a few scars but it was also making my skin peel like crazy. I could be rubbing my chin and skin would flake off. I couldn't get my eyebrows waxed when arched because my skin was so sensitive that the wax would take off a layer of skin and then the stuff wasn't working as well to not really working at all. I think my skin b
  8. I was on Tazorac for about four months, the first two months it worked really well but after that it was making my face peel like crazy. I would literally rub my chin and skin would come off. This made my skin really sensitive and it was nothing that I could do about it. When I went to gat my eyebrows waxed, a little of the skin would come off making it really red in that area for a few days. That is just my story, I hope it works for you though.
  9. Has anyone ever tried Zenmed Derma Cleanse system? If so has it worked. I guess I am willing to try anything once but before I pay the money I would like to know. Thanx =P~
  10. Well I no longer get pimples on my face. :(/ I use it every night and it has stopped the pimples. Occasionally my face peels but a lotion can get rid of that.
  11. Where did you get your information for it? I looked on the web but only found small paragraphs here and there, no chunk of info.
  12. My friend has pitted scars and she went to the MAC store and they have a foundation that hid them well. I can't think of the name of the particular foundation #-o but if you go to the counter then you can try it on and see.
  13. ...the laser treatment place did say that they can remove them for good but it takes 6 months of treatment. I have been using Dermacure for two weeks now and I really can't say whether it is working or not, I think it is too early to tell. I don't know of anyone who has used Dermacure before, I tend to try a lot of things to get rid of my problem.
  14. When I was on mino my doctor prescribed for me to take it twice a day for two weeks and then once a day. While taking it twice a day I experienced no breakouts but when I lower the dosage I started to breakout again. Thankfully she (she=my doc) prescribed me something else to stop the breakouts (that was Tazorac).