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  1. I use: *MAC Studio tech foundation *MAC Studio finish concealer *MAC select/sheer pressed powder *Estee Lauder Magnescopic mascara *Lancome color focus palette - 204 naturelle attraction (beige shades) *Chanel cristalle gloss - pink candy Sounds like kinda a lot but it looks pretty natural when its on =)
  2. Laura Geller matte maker is great for absorbing excess oil and it won't move/affect your makeup at all!
  3. Yeah i totally know how you feel. I have to be at work for 7am so i have to get up at 5 cos it takes me an hour and half to get ready. I'd love to be one of those people that just roll outta bed n go to work but i hate the idea of people seeing my skin.
  4. Yea thats what its done to me... Damn this sucks. I've been experimenting with Jane Iredale but doesnt seem 2 cover half as well as the MAC.
  5. Yer i constantly have to check how i look/my makeup etc in the mirror otherwise i create an image in my head of how i look and then when i actually do look in the mirror its far from reality. Plus i have to constantly ask people if i look ok. Nyarrgh just can't seem to snap out of it. People think im just bein crazily vain but i cant stop obsessing.
  6. Technically non-comedogenic means that the product will not clog pores, but this is more of a general term and different people will react in different ways to a product and it is impossible for a product to be 'non comedogenic' for everyone.
  7. Well the Mac Studio finish concealer is supposed to be 'non blemishgenic' ... i guess that's the same as non acnegenic? Anyway I was using that and it gave me clogged pores Not exactly acne but it made the surface of my skin all bumpy.
  8. I think beige/golden shades look nice with dark eyes and it gives you that 'au naturelle' look like you're not wearing loads of makeup. These particularly compliment yellow undertones.
  9. I voted yes. Ok so there's all these laws like 'Race Relations act', 'disability discrimination act', etc preventing people from being discriminated against on the grounds of things that they cannot change, i.e. their skin colour, their gender, any existing disability, etc cos it knocks their confidence n everyone deserves to be treated equally. But then people are mean to others because of things such as appearance, acne, etc. Surely ALL people deserve to be treated the same and this shou
  10. Yeah my derm sucks too. I finished a course of accutane n she prescribed me Retin-A along with duac cream n she just talked about Retin-A as though it was an over the counter spot cream like clearasil n was all 'ok so you just use this in the mornings and then the duac at night time'. So i figured that it was just a basic cream then i came on here n red some of the stuff bout Retin-A n it sounded almost as severe as accutane! I was completely clueless about what cleansers/skin stuff to use with
  11. Aww hun i know how u feel n it sucks But yeah staying indoors is the worst thing you can do. And the things that look really bad to you, no-one else notices. I had a date with my bf on monday and i had three huge spots on my cheek and i thought about calling to cancel cos it looked soo terrible but i made my self go out the house n he didn't even notice! so y'no your boyfriends not gonna mind a couple of spots. It doesn't affect how you look as a whole or who you are as a person! Just go and s
  12. This is probably gonna sound completely crazy, i don't know how you guys feel about this but, when i had acne i had zero self esteem. If I heard people laughing/talking/bitching i'd think that they were talkin about me. I thought that i was below everyone and that people shouldn't have to be with me because my skin was so horrible. I'd have thought that this paranoia would have gone since my skins cleared up but I'm just as bad as before. Atm my skins basically clear with the odd spot here n t
  13. Chanel Ecriture de Chanel and Benefit - BADgal are both awesome.
  14. **Try using a makeup primer, it absorbs oil and makes your foundation/concealer stay put for longer - MAC prep and prime is pretty good. **Don't moisturise on/around your nose **Set your makeup with a powder like MAC select/sheer pressed powder - it helps stop your makeup from smudging/smearing off during the day. **Laura Geller matte maker oil blotting powder is amazing for absorbing excess oil and it doesnt deposit color or affect your makeup at all!!
  15. Totally Agree - i used to wear really opaque foundation n even though it gave great coverage it was sooo orange n looked like i was wearing a mask! Now i go for the natural look.