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  1. There's a product out called Stridex power pads (with bp)...I was wondering if this would work as the bp product in between cleansing and moisturizing.
  2. Aquasmooth is cream-to-powder foundation. I usually can't stand wearing those types of foundation because it really stood out dry spots, but this make-up doesn't. I think people have a love-hate relationship with this.
  3. I apply it with the sponge. No, it doesn't completely cover red marks, but it conceals them better than any other foundation I've tried.
  4. I think the price for Aquasmooth is around $8-9
  5. Covergirl's Aquasmooth. It's quick and easy to apply and you can vary the coverage. I know how you feel about foundations not covering up. But this has really made a difference in hiding red marks and evening out my skin tone.
  6. When that happened to me I cut the bp dosage to once a day (at night) instead of both morning and night. That helped.
  7. I have the same problem. I use an alcohol free toner to get the excess makeup and cleanser residue off.
  8. I have to rave on this. This stuff covers the imperfections and really makes your face look good. I bought this not expecting all that much because most of the liquid foundations I have used before never really covered too much up and the cream-to-powder makeups dried my face up, but wow...my face has never looked as even-toned and felt so smooth as when I use this. The only problem is, I don't know if it is this, but my face itches sometimes. I hope not...or I will seriously go crazy. This is
  9. For some reason it made my skin seem very oily
  10. Does anyone here find it almost impossible to apply liquid foundation after putting bp on? Even when I used Eucerin Renewel..that seemed to make it worse. Whenever I put on foundation it would ball up or look very streaky and chalky. I stopped using the Eucerin and only put on bp sometimes at night, and that helped. Also, I heard that you shouldn't put on foundation after an alpha hydroxy lotion. Anyone else hear anything about this?
  11. I use CoverGirl's Fresh Look SPF 15 make-up. It is said to have oil controlling properties, oil free, and won't clog pores. It is a good base foundation...but like the other product above...it is more of a sheer coverage and won't cover flaws completely. But for the price it works.
  12. I have acne on my upper arms and a few on my chest and back. I was wondering if the cause could be coming from body washes themselves? I was using bath and body works shower gels which is when I noticed the most pimples..but now I switched to Caress but I still notice them. I'm not sure if body acne is caused by the same things as facial acne. It's really been bothering me.
  13. Well, today I mixed in baking soda w/ my cleanser for the first time. At first, didn't go so well. Spilled baking soda on the floor, and when I WANTED to get it out of the box, wouldn't budge, and when I finally did I had a hand full of baking soda. But..besides the minor inconvenience, I managed to mix and apply on my face. One of the first sensations I had was burning, now I am not sure if it is because I am using benzoyl peroxide on my face or what, but it scorched. I rubbed across my face an
  14. Does anyone here use make-up that has SPF sun protection in it? And...is it okay to wear an SPF moisturizer with an SPF foundation?
  15. A little background: I am 19 years old and have *extremely* fair skin with pink undertones (I'm serious, any lighter i'd be transparant). I have an oily T-Zone and many blackheads. A few years ago I started using Clean and Clear's Deep Action Cream Cleanser (rip-off), which did absolutely nothing to my skin. I went to the dermatologist, and was prescribed a benzoyl peroxide 4% wash, differin gel, and some foam antibacterial thing (don't remember the name). I think I overused it because my face w