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  1. Sounds great. Can you tell me What Kind of Vinegar and how do you apply it? What kind of lemon juice and how much do you drink? And what is the tape method? Thanks
  2. I bought a twin pack of the Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera skin care lotion. Hope it reduces the redness. [-o<
  3. Hi, what is the best sunblock to use that isnt so oily or greasy and is at least SPF30... i use neutrogena spf45 but it leaves this oily film.... any help?
  4. Anyone doing the Obagi regimen? It's alot steps, twice a day. It has a foaming gel, toner, other topical applications etc. Cost over $400!!! I've done it for about 2.5 weeks and seen little improvement. Wondering if anyone has been on it longer and seen results worthy of its amazing costs...
  5. Sorry for late reply It's like specific red marks And i tried the vinegar regimen and it didnt work despite a couple weeks I am on obagi right now...
  6. anyone at all.... please... ](*,)
  7. what exactly IS witchhazel? and you apply the neosporing ON your scars even though they are already deep?
  8. Hello, need help The Vinegar Treatment didnt work Is there any topical treatment I can use to reduce the redness/appearance of my scars? I'm desperate Any help is appreciated...
  9. i lack confidence too... i walk around school and honestly 49/50 have better skin than me and it hurts. all my close friends have perfect complexions. it especially sucks when we take pictures and i see it and i can totally see redness on my face.
  10. So you apply the Aloe-Vera topically on the Scars? I've heard of Aloe vera pills too, does that work?
  11. Hi, I'm new here. I bought Collagen RX from a nearby Beauty Salon because the lady behind the counter promised it would work to reduce the redness of my acne scars. I got so excited and so hopeful. I remained very diligent with the product :D/ I applied 2 times a day for 2 months and i saw no improvement, so I went back to the lady and she said, it would take 3 months for any improvement. Well the 3 months marker just passed and no visible improvement on the acne scars. I will admit my s
  12. Should i take Vitamins A and C Pills WITH MultiVitamins or just take a solid Multivitamin that has alot of Vitamin A, C and Zinc?
  13. Hi, I'm new and I hate to ask questions about things you've all probably answered 100 times over. I am desperate for help and I want to try this vinegar process. Can someone recommend a regimen for me. Here's my regimen that I will try soon, please let me know if it sounds okay - Wash face with Neutrogena Cleaners - Rinse - Apply diluted Apple Cider Vinegar 5% acidity, diluted 1:8 with water (i'm super sensitive) for 20 min, then rinse off - Apply moisturizer?? - Apply BP, 2.5% on th
  14. i just ordered the concealer. i don't expect a miracle but something to help hide the red marks. thanks for the website info