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  1. hi try not to worry, instead of feeling down you should all (and we should all) concentrate our energies on destroying the bastard advertising crap that comes on our tv, in our magazines all the time. for example if you live in a neighbourhood where image isnt seen as everything (eg a village) no one will care about a few spots but as people live in towns and stuff with all these bs products and crap everywhere i have noticed how it just plays on peoples minds, when in reality no one gives a cr
  2. do you find though that for the first 12 hours, the egg white makes ur face a bit smooth and red! after a good nights sleep this usually dies down alot though!
  3. Ok Use an egg white like the other mask on the forum. Get two 'Green Tea' bags that have been used (i used tetley). Open the bags and empty the green tea into the egg white, add honey and/or lemon like the other one. Then whip it up for a few minutes, it will look a bit dodgy. then apply it to cleasned face and leave it on for an amount of time (i did about half hour) wash it off with water, the mosturize I have done this once and it seems quite good, what does everyone think!
  4. You should be able to get it in ASDA. look where the vinegar is stored and it should just be labbeled as "Cider vinegar" I have got it from Tesco's and morrisons and seen it in other supermarkets. I think in Tescos it was 74p for a bottle of 500ml of it so go there if no joy in asdas.
  5. south devon - bigbury-on-sea near Plymouth on the beach, You cant beat it on a hot summer august night!
  6. yo anyone tried them, I started using them yesterday and first impressions are that they really stink and seem to initially make the skin on my face more redder and my red scars seem to stand out more, i do the aspirin mask alot and dont tend to get the same redness - hopefully its just temporary, whats everyone elses views on them??
  7. yo is this the same stuff here: http://www.boots.com/shop/product_details....oductid=1068423 ?? im thinking that if you cannot get this gear then the aspirin mask is the thing to do!
  8. ok, i quit the regime and BP about 5 weeks ago, since then i have had very few spots formed, I only wash ONCE a day with Pears soap in the evening then i apply NICAM Gel then i apply NIVEA OIL-FREE MOSTURISING FLUID I also do the Aspirin face mask about 2-3 times a week. the aspirin seems to smooth my skin and fade the red marks from BP and the Nicam gel seems also to help with this. Also this time last year my skin was incredibily dry due to antibiatics and not treating my face with res
  9. yeah same here, before BP i didnt have that many red fookers. I like Nicam gel too although i think it doesnt help with active spots that well and by the way i only apply it once a day as i think washing the face twice a day is too much!
  10. well the reason why im considering stoping also is the fact that on my forehead i havent used bp for about 6 weeks now and instead i just use nicotinamide (freederm or nicam gel here in the UK) and i havnt had that many spots appear there. also the fact that i dont (and never have) had spots anywhere else (e.g. on my back, neck, shoulders etc. so i have a feeling that i might be buggering around with my face to much (so to speak) so maybe if i left it alone more it wont become so irritated! and
  11. yeah my skin feels smooth, although its oilly, but i the sun it looks really crapy with the scars on my cheeks. maybe i could use nictinamide (nicam gel) at night and spot treat with bp at night to. i dont know what will happen but i could give it a go as even when my scars go my skin will still look leathery right?? so might as well use nictinamide once a day with the occasional spot with more healthier looking skin than use bp twice a day and look like a 40 year old geezer?? what you think dud
  12. sorry about bringing this old subject up I am on the regime for about 14weeks now and i think i am going to do the regime once a day with maybe nictinamide (nicam gel) in the morning, btw i only get about 1 new spot a week now!
  13. ive been using the regime for about 14 weeks now and although it has stopped alot of my spots from breaking out, it has left quite a few little red scars that look really shitty in the sunlight (although i think doing the aspirin mask thing helps), for the last few weeks i have been using freederm during the day and BP at night, im thinking of coming of the BP totally soon and only using the Nicam gel - but i dont no if thats a good idea! freederm also feels good on the skin but i dont know if
  14. I have been using the nivea visage oil free mosturising fluid during the night time on the regime and netrogina visibly refined pore refining mosturiser with spf 15 during the day, however my skin on my face now is oilly and i dont really understand it as this time last year my skin was really dry??? so im thinking its either because of the BP or the neutrogina mosturiser - so seeing as the suns not that intense now as it was in the summer i think im just going to use the nivea visage oil free m