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  1. Hi thanks for the speedy replies
  2. I use the DKR twice a day and it keeps me relatively clear, however the cost is redness and very dry skin...a price I am willing to pay. This dryness excentuates the lines around my mouth from smiling and such so they are clearly visible, this bothers me a little, but I can live with it. However over the last week or so a new line has appeared just on the outside of one of these "smile lines" but only on the left side of my face. I've been moisturising it like crazy but to no avail...the only op
  3. Neither are specific to a particular gender, you can use either. Although there are some concerns about the possible toxicity of Borage oil.
  4. Yeh think I'll have to go down to one application a day, back to breakout city :razz: Urea is a natural moisturiser, helps a lot ;) No no it's not a permanent thing, I stop using BP and my skin goes to a perfectly natural colour again.
  5. Use Sudocrem or Vaseline on the area...keep applying and it'll go away
  6. I recently quit BP and have just began the DKR again, I'm now 95% clear with a few red marks! However my skin looks appalling because it's red all over, except around my eyes. This makes me look a little strange Its been about 4 weeks since I began the DKR again, I slowly ramped it up to a full finger of BP over 4 weeks, but my skin has still reacted badly to it it seems! My regimen is as follows: Wash with DKR cleanser Apply 5 drops of Jojoba oil Apply Dan's BP gel Apply Eucerin with 5%
  7. What moisturiser are you using? How long have you been using it? What BP are you using?
  8. It makes me chuckle when people say they're ugly, when they look smoking hot in their pictures Its not acne that stops people getting a bf/gf more the lack of confidence/self-esteem that it causes. If you want to beat acne then you need to work on your confidence/self-esteem void, then it won't bother you half as much. I used to let acne dictate my life to such a degree, I only used to go out when I was looking ok and then I'd be soooo self conscious that I probably shouldn't have bothered go
  9. Very interesting There are side-effects resulting from too much beta-carotene, your skin (mainly palm of the hands and soles of the feet) may go a yellow tinge if you take too much in. Perhaps you could try and arrange some kind of trial/study with people from these message boards AutonomousOne, a lot of people were happy to try the Paleo diet. Finally I think it's definitely better to get beta carotene from natural sources: 'It has been shown in trials that the use of synthetically-prod
  10. http://www.allcures.com/shared/Brands.asp?brand=SUDOCREM ;)
  11. I haven't personally tried B5, primarily because of the negative feedback it has been given by many people. I don't think that putting that amount of anything into your body can do it any good in the long term. Also Dan's experience with it put me off: 'I had a very odd and distrubing side effect which was that I had a hard time keeping my head up. I always felt like I wanted to lean my head against a pillow and my neck felt too weak to hold my head up straight. It was disturbing so I stopped
  12. I think everybody who suffers from acne feels like this at some point. Personally if I'm fairly clear then I have so much more energy, my charm will shine through and my confidence will rocket! When I have a breakout I just want to hide away, if I'm out I'll be constantly worried that I look awful. I too will keep looking in mirrors and pick blemishes making them worse But my house mate who suffers from acne as well is exactly the same, yet I never see his acne! Other people really aren't tha