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  1. haha im back!lol im chillin, enjoying my freedom before school starts again on tuesday, how bout urself


  3. I really hope your dad gets the job. Please keep us updated. *Fingers crossed* Regards J.
  4. la prairie do really good eye creams. google them.
  5. Don't worry few people will judge you on your acne unless it's a superficial university. Come across as confident, friendly and walk around with a smile on your face and all should go well. I had serious redmarsks on my cheeks and nobody said anything at all. Maybe cos i always smiled and was relatively friendly.
  6. hello mate. Do you have access to a sauna? If so i would suggest you use it 2-3 times before going on your holiday. I am almost certain the spot will go down. This is something i have done before with a great deal of success. Regards. j.
  7. do not use the BP near your eyes. build up the BP usage on your face over the course of a fortnight. Moisturise at night but lightly. be patient.
  8. the neutrogena moisturiser is excellent. Doesn't block your pores, light, smells nice and im convinced it does fade red marks. good luck.
  9. excess sun exposure will result in any red marks/pigmentation taking longer to fade. In the short term it will look like it has faded but once the tan wears off the red marks will take longer to fade. hmmmmmmmm...........be careful.
  10. cleanse your face gently and pat dry gently and apply BP on the cyst twice daily. Within a week the cyst will be gone or gone down considerably. good luck.
  11. i wouldnt suggest drinking 5 litres of water a day. It could have Fatal consequences. I think you shouldnt drink more than 2.5 litres a day inclusive.
  12. I suggest the use of a sauna (if available). Use it 2-3 times a week and it will get rid of your clogged pores no doubt. Regards J.
  13. hello mate. I have been using this regime for quite a long time now. Well i wash with only water and then use BP. Reducing the amount of chemicals i use on my face. Additionally, i have been using a sauna 2-3 times a week and it has cleared me of all those nasty red big spots that i used to get. I get the odd small zit that comes and goes quickly. Give it a go. Regards J.
  14. I think you so brave lab girl. Lovely person. I really do hope u get accutane and have flawless skin. You post alot of informative info. Good luck regards from london J.
  15. If you have access to a sauna the best method for shaving is sit in the sauna for 10 mins and it will open your pores. Wash ur face for 10 seconds with hot water. Apply shaving gel and then shave....minimizes razor bumps, irritation and cuts.