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  1. That's where I've been receiving treatment.
  2. Like I said, I was one of the most vigilant at the time. If you refer to my older posts , I researched a hell of a lot, collated numerous topics on needling to make it easier for beginners, and enquired furiously with other members who had success in the past, receiving numerous tips and advice from each of them before even attempting it. Hope lies in how you respond to various techniques for scar revision. For me, needling wasn't at all beneficial. Simple really.
  3. From reading the Fraxel thread, the general consensus is that while Retin-A helps promote collagen, it infact may inhibit collagen formation and remodelling from techniques/methods to help promote it in the first place, such as needling and Fraxel. I'm not 100% sure, but I'd enquire about this just in case. By the way, I did 4 sessons of self-needling last year, all a month apart. I was one of the most vigilant about this techniques at the time, hence believe I was doing things correctly, befor
  4. Can we please stop the bickering? I've emphasised this before - I'm currently receiving treatment from the SR750. I can happily say (and again, touch wood) that the texture and complexion of my skin has improved 22 days post (first) fraxel. Admittedly, the significant peeling I experienced perhaps attributed to this, but at least something is happening. The scars are still there - under harsh lighting - but it's been well documented that one session will most likely not be sufficient enough to
  5. I'm currently being treated with the SR750. My skin is still flaking/exfoliating in some areas, almost 3 weeks post fraxel. I noticed the one thing the SR750 has over the SR1500 (purely from observation in this thread) is the significant peeling (hence longer downtime) after the prodecure. Especially at aggressive settings. Is this necessarily a bad or good thing? While I recall a handfull of recipients treated with the SR1500 did in fact peel significantly within days following treatment, it se
  6. Thanks. You can't get any more honest than that. I'll give them a call in the morning, see how I go. You seem well-versed with how the Medicare rebate works - do you think the 80% rebate will come into play after the first treatment with Goodman (I've spent $850 on fraxel thus far) or is it likely I'll start from scratch, given I chose to get it done elsewhere? Finally, in an email I got from reception, it stated there are five docotrs who perform fraxel. Can anyone list their qualifications
  7. Zonk, at those levels/settings did you need either numbing topicals or injections (or both) beforehand, and did you experience any discomfort or pain during the procedure/s?
  8. Cheers As for wanting to get out promptly, my first treatment left me terribly swollen (I couldn't recognise my face) and the blue dye was still very much apparent, even though a nurse washed my face afterwards. I had my entire face done - bar the forehead, chin and nose. I had a significant number of numbing injections either side of my cheeks, under my eyes, along my jaw, temples and near the ears, plus an additional four or so during the procedure - so you could imagine. I had to catch a
  9. Something I really want to ask regarding these two places, is the comparison between the new and older machine, and the 'other' doctors/technicians performing fraxel. It's been said that Dr. Skin utilises Fraxel 1, while Dr. Goodman uses Fraxel 2. But how significantly better is the SR1500? I'm scheduled for my second treatment at Dr. Skin Centre in a fortnight - am I wasting my time and money? Should I feel discouraged by the 'lesser' machine? How many other people (and their qualifications)
  10. How significantly better is the SR1500? Purely from observation, the older replies posted in said "fraxel thread" suggested an overall improvement of their scars, utilising Fraxel 1. According to many newer posts, it appears alot of people are disatisfied, particularly with the use of the newer machine. Corect me if I'm wrong. I had my first fraxel a fortnight ago (SR750) and am scheduled for my second in two weeks. Am I wasting my time and money?
  11. I emailed and enquired with the following clinics (in Melbourne): Dr Skin Centre - Medicare rebates are available for most cases of acne scarring. Price not determined (athough the OP is probably accurate for most cases). Initial consulation is free, only if you provide a referral from a GP. Otherwise, cost not determined. Dr Greg Goodman & Associates: No referral to see a doctor who perform the procedure. Initial consultation fee not determined. Approx $895.00 per treatment for 1/2 face a
  12. Thanks, he certainly is reputable. Did you need a referral to see him?