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  1. Sounds interesting, and the mechanism sounds plausible to me (I'm a biochemist). The problem is that there are more than just BP in the bottle, so you don't really know if some of them are the holy grail for acne, or if they are just fancy fillers. Smaller, unknown companies like this one also might be lacking in quality control, which could be a big issue...

    I must say I'm interested, though. I might try this after my accutane treatment is done with. In the meantime, congrats/ good luck to those who's using this product. Keep us updated, mkay?

  2. 233 really isn't that high. Your derm is definitely ultra-conservative. Most derms start worrying when it exceed 350, and start making changes to the treatment regime at around 500.

    Anyway, you can help lower ur level by eating a low fat diet, and reduce the side effects of high tg level by doing more cardiovascular exercise. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though

  3. Thanks. I really appreciate the response. Just a down day I guess. I have been on this journey of trying to find the right thing for 16 years. Can you believe it? I started getting acne when I was 12 and I am 28 now. It is a lot better than when I was 12, but still very frustrating. More cytsic and jawline bumps. Any every inch of my nose and chin are blackheads. I have left the house without makeup on once this year. My boyfriend has never seen me without makeup. I feel like a prisinor in my own body sometimes.

    BUT, this is the first time I am trying B5. I have not had the guts to do Accutane. I am so scared of the IBO and also it making me worse than I am. Did u guys do accutane? What do you think about the other side effects and the permanant damage some say they have? My doctor is willing to put me on it, but I also fear getting depressed and havig serious other problems occur. Last night,I woke up in the middle of the night with my heart pounding and pain in my left arm. This never has happened. I was concerned it was from the high dose of B5 or the doxycycline I am on. I feel fine today, but it was weird. This makes me feel like I am so sensitive to things in my body that accutane me really mess me up.......?

    You sound like a hypochondriac :| Chill out a bit, take a deep breath. Your anxiety is only making you more confused.

    The bottom line on accutane is that it's the best medication we have for accutane. It does have some side effects, but as long as you watch yourself and do what your doc tells you, they should be tolerable. imo, it's definitely worth it.

  4. London: meds are much cheaper abroad, due to US' messed up healthcare system. It being fake is always an issue...

    teaplz, my ipledge got filled in within hours by my derm. Are you sure you're doing it right?

    Anyway, I personally had an experience buying accutane from the internet; bought 60x20mg for $170. The drug shipped from turkey, seemed genuine. I'd much prefer buying it from a reputable US pharmacy, though.

  5. a218: I hope your baby turn out ok. If she does have problem hearing, I read somewhere that young children have a high success rate for surgical hearing correction, which is permanent. Make sure you explore this option.

    Also, I think what pancakes are trying to tactfully point out is that as an extra precaution, use condoms as well as BCP when you're on accutane. As a218 pointed out, the extra precautions are worth it.

  6. It happens to people who don't have dysphagia - it specifically warns of this in the literature. I'm talking about isotretinoin specifically - not Tylenol or something similiar.

    ^ True that.

    I personally know people that took accutane before bed (<1hr), it didn't go down all the way, and she woke up with a minor ulcer of the esophagus... Not life threathening, but she was horrible for a week or so.

  7. I think I deserve a good moan because i have terribly bad acne and no one else in my school does !! It puts me under loads of stress and i've heard stress can make spots worse .... Great !

    Also ... Why do people with perfectly smooth, clear skin complain of spots ! ? they odviously know they don't have any !

    Thank yew ! I think i should stop there ;)

    Because God loves you and wants you to be unique. :angel:

  8. The bloodworks are not just formalities, you know. The pain is exactly why you SHOULD take the test. If you're body's not ready for accutane, then you really shouldn't start yet; I doubt your acne's more important than your long-term health :angel:

  9. I don't think it was wise to write him a letter confessing your biggest insecurity, because you barely know the guy. Now that he's aware of it,

    you constantly worry how you look in front of him whenever you bump into him in school. Your thoughts are always the same: "Please God, don't let him meet me in school 'cause my face is like freaking ugly and oily and scarred."
    It probably turned him off even more, and killed whatever chances you have with him. And like Animal said, he doesn't appear to be interested. Sorry.

    I don't think it was wise to write him a letter confessing your biggest insecurity, because you barely know the guy. Now that he's aware of it,

    you constantly worry how you look in front of him whenever you bump into him in school. Your thoughts are always the same: "Please God, don't let him meet me in school 'cause my face is like freaking ugly and oily and scarred."
    It probably turned him off even more, and killed whatever chances you have with him. And like Animal said, he doesn't appear to be interested. Sorry.

    why do you need to confess to him?

    this is ur personal medical history and it is privileged. you are not going to end up dating him or even having a serious relationship. but if you do get to that point where it is SERIOUS. THEN YOU CAN "CONFESS" otherwise you're setting urself up to have him be weirded out, never talk to you again, and go around telling everyone your acne problems.

    I spent years thinking i needed to immediately confess about my acne obsession or that i dont talk to my mother, but whenever i did it either turned the girl off or she said something insensitive or dismissive like "you dont have acne" or "you only have one mother."

    it's just human nature. people blow offother peoples problems. only expect him to understand in a caring way UNLESS you are actually in a relationship and it is serious. otherwise you have to bite the bullet and see if he likes you for your personality, appearance, etc. even if you had no acne this is the basis for most relationships. superficial, yes.

    err..i think you guys got it wrong.i didnt confess my acne problem to him?i meant i am constantly worrying now about bumping into him in school now that i have confessed my feelings.becoming more self-concious of how i look to him.yep

    honestly i think he just wants you too keep liking him but in reality he just wants to be freinds

    yea i think so too ): but asshole!he is like giving me false hopes with those texts and everything.maybe he got turned off by me after texting.or maybe he just got tired.

    Sounds like he just wants to be friends. If your guy's anything like me, your best bet is to ask him directly about how he feels towards you, while being prepared for an "I just want to be friends response. Then stay friends, give him some time, and see what happens ;)

    yea feel like asking him this question soon.soon.let's see whether i will have the courage :/

    i think u know the answer and just forget him. If a guy is interested, h will let u know. girls, dont chase guys because its not natural...u can be good to him and ask him out sometimes but i think guys actually like to pursue. so just do your own thing and 1 day i promise u will find someone who will be after u and not the other way around.

    thanks for your response!yep.i agree.it's SO HARD for girls to chase guys.moreover i'm not like a pretty girl with clear skin or what,which is like doubly difficult.i'm so self concious etc and my face keeps breaking out im going mad. ): i guess i shall wait for the right one to come along and get on well with this 'rejection'. ): but i think me and him will still remain friends,which is good.nvm,this is part of life;at least i had the courage to proclaim my liking for him and i dont think i will have any regrets.maybe i will feel shitty and embarrassed when i bump into him but yea,what can i do?thanks people for your advices!

    btw, I've always admired girls who go after what they want :wub: Even if you don't get this guy, I'm sure you'll find someone (better, smarter, macho-er, etc) with your attitude ;)

  10. The other day I was thinking---

    If a friend came in with a huge breakout, would any of us (my friends and I) stop being friends with him/her? No, of course not, that's ridiculous.

    If the guy I like came in with a breakout, would I stop liking hi? ^Same answer.

    This never really occured to me before. I won't lose any friends simply because of my acne unless they weren't really my friends/were complete assholes. Sure, maybe it doesn't help me make new friends or anything, and I'm sure if I really started letting acne affect my personality (not just my grades lol) my friends would have a harder time being around me. But for now, acne doesn't affect my real friendships.

    This may be terribly obvious, but it certainly made me feel a hell of a lot better.

    Of course, that's assuming you've got friends or potentials before you got acne... :boohoo:

  11. I was actually on a low dose accutane about 4-3 years ago (10mg/day). It was a precaution my parents put me through, since they know I inherited the acne gene.

    The side effects were not as severe as what I'm experiencing now with 60mg/day, but it was still there, and was still obvious.

    Also, after ceasing the treatment, my acne came back, beginning about a year ago, and was worse than ever. Keep this in mind if you're in a similar situation I was.

  12. I personnally always sweat out my headaches :) Definitely check with the doc if it persists though.

    Also, you're not supposed to take tylenol, or any other acetaminophen products while on accutane. It could overwork your liver :naughty: Take ibuprofen instead.

  13. i find this post really sad. You're going to hurt someone who clearly loves you for selfish reasons. At least have the deceny to explain why so she doesn't lay awake at night with a broken heart thinking she did something.

    she could have been there for you supporting you as you get better.

    but its your choice.

    still..i think what you decided to do was pretty damn rotten. (imo)

    I second this. If you do choose to go solo, make sure you explain it to her well. Make sure she understands that it's not her fault.

  14. As the title states, I miss my pediatrician! Well, pediatric nephrologist, but whatever. Unlike my new doctor who can't be bothered to write me a referral to a dermatologist, my pediatrician had no problems in doing so. He prescibed me a prescription 2.5% hydrocortisone ointment for my eczema, and although he wouldn't prescribe me Retin-A himself, he at least wrote me a referral to a dermatologist.

    My pediatric nephrologist obviously knew me much better than my new doctor (who won't write me a referral to a dermatologist for rosacea since I can cover it up with makeup, hence, it must not be severe), and genuinely cared about all my health concerns, whether or not they were "superficial."

    Yeah, doctors come in all forms & shapes, not all of them good...

    Maybe you should try changing doctors? If you're in the US, I'd recommend going to a DO instead of an MD; they're trained to look at the big picture when treating patients.