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  1. Sounds interesting, and the mechanism sounds plausible to me (I'm a biochemist). The problem is that there are more than just BP in the bottle, so you don't really know if some of them are the holy grail for acne, or if they are just fancy fillers. Smaller, unknown companies like this one also might be lacking in quality control, which could be a big issue... I must say I'm interested, though. I might try this after my accutane treatment is done with. In the meantime, congrats/ good luck to tho
  2. 233 really isn't that high. Your derm is definitely ultra-conservative. Most derms start worrying when it exceed 350, and start making changes to the treatment regime at around 500. Anyway, you can help lower ur level by eating a low fat diet, and reduce the side effects of high tg level by doing more cardiovascular exercise. I wouldn't worry about it too much, though
  3. BP will dry off ur skin more, blocking off more pores, thus making the IB even worse. Use topical antibiotic instead, ask ur derm about it.
  4. There's been a few thread about sea water before; people seem to think it does work. Too bad I live a few days away from the beach
  5. I guess most of us lurk here in acne.org Seriously, though, those survey that says acne is common includes the super mild cases as well.
  6. You sound like a hypochondriac Chill out a bit, take a deep breath. Your anxiety is only making you more confused. The bottom line on accutane is that it's the best medication we have for accutane. It does have some side effects, but as long as you watch yourself and do what your doc tells you, they should be tolerable. imo, it's definitely worth it.
  7. London: meds are much cheaper abroad, due to US' messed up healthcare system. It being fake is always an issue... teaplz, my ipledge got filled in within hours by my derm. Are you sure you're doing it right? Anyway, I personally had an experience buying accutane from the internet; bought 60x20mg for $170. The drug shipped from turkey, seemed genuine. I'd much prefer buying it from a reputable US pharmacy, though.
  8. What kind of accutane regiment did you follow? Also, what kind of acne are you getting? cystic?
  9. a218: I hope your baby turn out ok. If she does have problem hearing, I read somewhere that young children have a high success rate for surgical hearing correction, which is permanent. Make sure you explore this option. Also, I think what pancakes are trying to tactfully point out is that as an extra precaution, use condoms as well as BCP when you're on accutane. As a218 pointed out, the extra precautions are worth it.
  10. Don't. Doctors may not understand the psychology of acne, but they know their physiology & pharmacology much better than us. Not following their advice will only get you to more problems in the long run.
  11. ^ True that. I personally know people that took accutane before bed (<1hr), it didn't go down all the way, and she woke up with a minor ulcer of the esophagus... Not life threathening, but she was horrible for a week or so.
  12. Because God loves you and wants you to be unique.
  13. The bloodworks are not just formalities, you know. The pain is exactly why you SHOULD take the test. If you're body's not ready for accutane, then you really shouldn't start yet; I doubt your acne's more important than your long-term health
  14. This is why it's recommended to take your pills with meal, unless otherwise specified. If you just let those pills linger in your esophagus, the chance of it causing damage to the lining increases, which will lead to all sort of annoying problems.