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  1. bullshit article. i used neutrogena for men and it gave me acne. tired of these articles that think they know everyones skin type.
  2. if this vitamin e oil doesn't work i might not try anything. honestly i went through about 100 brands in my lifetime. it would be ridiculous to keep spending money on a moisturizer just to break out again. thats about 1000 dollars i wasted.
  3. Well maybe I was retarded, but I healed up pretty fine. So was I really that retarded? and if doing 5 of the 6 peels did nothing to my skin would it be so much retarded to try it once more? I wouldn't even try a 10% peel anymore, and after doing a 45% peel not even all my sunburn was removed. Why would I ever do a TCA again?
  4. I have tried shea butter. I have tried aloe vera. Even sunscreen breaks me out. I am hoping this natural vitamin E doesn't break me out, but I am not that sure. Everything seems to break me out. When I just use regular soap I won't have acne.
  5. Be sure to get D-alpha tocopherol, not DL. Doh. I just realized this literally less than a hour ago. I bough some clear Vitamin E and realized its not the natural stuff. I plan on buying the natural stuff soon.
  6. U can be an absolute idiot and get the exact same results as someone who closely followed the rules. The difference is comfort of mind and knowing u didn't purposely screw up. I did a tca about 6 times in 2 freaking months, but for the first 5 times nothing happened as far as skin peeling (only very slightly). My last time trying it I did too much, but now my skin is healing and it seems like it will be fine. The reason you shouldn't pour acid on your face is because: it is acid. I didn't t
  7. i use dudu osun black soap and its pretty good. i never got pimples and it actually works good enough to remove some discoloration. its pretty harsh and id only recommend washing once a day with it.
  8. Personally I like almond oil and evening primrose oil. Both are anti-inflammatory and absorb quickly and easily into the skin. I just mix 2 drops of each in my palm and apply it morning and night as you would a 'normal' moisturizer. Then just wash your hands. Not messy at all. Other popular oils include argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. Try to get organic and expeller- or steam-pressed. Pretty sure no oil has whitening properties. Maybe try citrus extracts for that. im gonna try vitamin
  9. What kind of natural oil do you recommend? I would like one that has whitening properties. Also how do you apply the oil? Seems like a very messy task.
  10. I came across this review on google [Edited link out] I don't know how successful it will be on old marks, but it might work on new ones. Oil in general clog pores, so I would think that this oil would clog your pores. If you are acne prone I say get a cream instead and look for something oil free. Just my 2 cents.
  11. I heard Vitamin E works for new hyper pigmentation marks. If those are new I would try that. I hear hydroquinone isn't good for the skin so I would avoid that. For redness, I am really not sure. Hopefully someone can provide better advice :/
  12. Every moisturizer I have ever used has given me pimples on my forehead/jaw. This includes oil of olay, aloe vera, shea butter, nivea for men, etc. There is too many to think off the top of my head, but I cannot name one that has worked for my skin. I dunno what to think of it, but I just never use moisturizer for that reason. I just started considering only using on my cheeks since I don't break out in that area. Does anyone know why this might be?
  13. have you tried a fade cream yet? i dont recommend trying a peel yourself. i did it, but you get to look very ugly for a week and you also have to pray you heal alright. you might get hyperpigmentation (i am still trying to see for myself). dont do anything dangerous to your skin.
  14. dont do tca without professional assistance. there are too many variables to having peeled skin. you have the risk of scarring, hyperpigmentation, and not to mention u got to look ugly when doing a deep peel. i would not recommend it unless seeing a doctor first.