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  1. bullshit article. i used neutrogena for men and it gave me acne. tired of these articles that think they know everyones skin type.
  2. if this vitamin e oil doesn't work i might not try anything. honestly i went through about 100 brands in my lifetime. it would be ridiculous to keep spending money on a moisturizer just to break out again. thats about 1000 dollars i wasted.
  3. Well maybe I was retarded, but I healed up pretty fine. So was I really that retarded? and if doing 5 of the 6 peels did nothing to my skin would it be so much retarded to try it once more? I wouldn't even try a 10% peel anymore, and after doing a 45% peel not even all my sunburn was removed. Why would I ever do a TCA again?
  4. I have tried shea butter. I have tried aloe vera. Even sunscreen breaks me out. I am hoping this natural vitamin E doesn't break me out, but I am not that sure. Everything seems to break me out. When I just use regular soap I won't have acne.
  5. Thanks and I will. Everyday it seems like its healing better and better. Even now so a lot of redness went down. The hypopigmentation is very light and I think will heal in time. Thanks for your advice I appreciate it. I am about to buy some natural Vitamin E and see if it gets rid of the remaining sunburn. I am just glad everything is starting to heal.
  6. Just a quick update. This is day 7. Everything looks fine and I think I don't even have to see a dermatologist anymore. (btw those dark marks are from the sunburn which I used TCA to treat, they have reduced significantly)
  7. Be sure to get D-alpha tocopherol, not DL. Doh. I just realized this literally less than a hour ago. I bough some clear Vitamin E and realized its not the natural stuff. I plan on buying the natural stuff soon.
  8. U can be an absolute idiot and get the exact same results as someone who closely followed the rules. The difference is comfort of mind and knowing u didn't purposely screw up. I did a tca about 6 times in 2 freaking months, but for the first 5 times nothing happened as far as skin peeling (only very slightly). My last time trying it I did too much, but now my skin is healing and it seems like it will be fine. The reason you shouldn't pour acid on your face is because: it is acid. I didn't t
  9. i use dudu osun black soap and its pretty good. i never got pimples and it actually works good enough to remove some discoloration. its pretty harsh and id only recommend washing once a day with it.
  10. Personally I like almond oil and evening primrose oil. Both are anti-inflammatory and absorb quickly and easily into the skin. I just mix 2 drops of each in my palm and apply it morning and night as you would a 'normal' moisturizer. Then just wash your hands. Not messy at all. Other popular oils include argan oil, jojoba oil, and olive oil. Try to get organic and expeller- or steam-pressed. Pretty sure no oil has whitening properties. Maybe try citrus extracts for that. im gonna try vitamin
  11. What kind of natural oil do you recommend? I would like one that has whitening properties. Also how do you apply the oil? Seems like a very messy task.
  12. I came across this review on google [Edited link out] I don't know how successful it will be on old marks, but it might work on new ones. Oil in general clog pores, so I would think that this oil would clog your pores. If you are acne prone I say get a cream instead and look for something oil free. Just my 2 cents.
  13. I heard Vitamin E works for new hyper pigmentation marks. If those are new I would try that. I hear hydroquinone isn't good for the skin so I would avoid that. For redness, I am really not sure. Hopefully someone can provide better advice :/
  14. Every moisturizer I have ever used has given me pimples on my forehead/jaw. This includes oil of olay, aloe vera, shea butter, nivea for men, etc. There is too many to think off the top of my head, but I cannot name one that has worked for my skin. I dunno what to think of it, but I just never use moisturizer for that reason. I just started considering only using on my cheeks since I don't break out in that area. Does anyone know why this might be?