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  1. Question.... Does insurance help cover any of these treatments: c02 laser, dermabrasion, chemical peels, or fillers? or are all these treatments considered cosmetic?
  2. just curious if any of you used microdermabrasion for leveling the skin out & improve the texture in minor scars. Does this stuff work for minor imperfections? Also is any of that at home do it yourself microdermbrasion any good? If yes, which one have you used/reccomend?
  3. Consider this my 1 good deed for everyone, I'm posting this to prevent others from going through my mistakes....Learn from this. ********************* MY ADVISE please READ ********************* If you are on accutane or going to go on it, please be aware of the slower recovery that might occur within your skin. My advise would be not to get any cuts or popped pimples, but that may be impossible. So if you do find yourself in a situation where you have a bruise/cut/healing pimple, **DO NOT
  4. use ST. TROPEZ it's the best...realistic color, and thank goodness it comes in oil-free if you get the mousse (mousse auto bronzante). I like the mousse or lotion, but the mousse is good because it drys in 60 seconds, no smells, and you can use it on your face & body. Although I would stick to using it on the body, and instead of the face due to fading uneven, but that happens with all tanners from my experiences. Good luck!
  5. This product is highly regarded and rated number 1 from what i hear. It is supposed to be a natural skin antioxidant treatment for clearer skin. The website said it safe, and has no side effects all natural. I wanted to know if anyone had good results with it, or have used them before? Before I bought it I wanted to get feedback on the product. Any information about it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance! here is the website: http://www.acuzine.com/index.php What do you guy
  6. Just wondering is this "bp gel" only available online? or can i purchase it at a local drugstore (U.S. resident).
  7. Has anyone experienced this.... I was put on accutane a year ago, and now it's 1 year later. I found that it helped some, but my MAIN concern is that now whenever i get a small pimple or breakout my skin takes FOREVER to heal then b4. Is this just me? I hate the fact that it makes you more vulnerable to scarring because of the prolonged healing process, at least b4 i didn't have a scar. Also I heard of the liver flush, but not 100% sure about it, will it help me?