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  1. Sullen Girl! I also get acne and it was also effecting things with my boyfriend so what I did is I went to the dermatologist and she said it was hormones BUT I went on birth control. I don't know your thoughts on it or if it is availible to you BUT I have not had on breakout since using it. All I worry about now is scars though :-k So you might want to consider it. I also use Multi Vitamin NEutrogena for my scars and it seems to work alright.
  2. Thanks Missy for your post...just wondering which antibiotic you are on....I'm on Adoxa and differin
  3. So did Differin work for anyone? And does anyone know... If differin helps improve scars?......... Does it take 8 weeks to work?........... Can it be used with the regimen?............ Any thoughts would be welcomed MUCH THANKS
  4. I have really good skin all over my face except on my right cheek! I get horrible cysts that scar and stay for days and days. I do the regimen and my face has been flawless except my right cheek! Please help me understand why I only get acne there! Any suggestions? #-o
  5. I am new here and new to having acne. My doctor put me on ADOXA and I was wondering if anyone has used it before and what they thought. I have had no luck so far but maybe someone else has. There might already be a topic on this but I'm not sure. thanks for the help.