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  1. Then how companies would make money out of you ? You have a good question, I wonder if there has been any studies in this regard.
  2. Just saw an ad on TV here in Montreal looking for people with moderate to sever acne to try new acne treatment. From what I remember there is a compensation but I don't remember how much (~$350). I just finished a 6 month accutane treatement and I am almost clear so I wont need it but I noted the phone number 514 521-3111 so if anyone is interested you may give them a call.
  3. Can't you get more than one month of accutane supply at once? Here (Canada) I got 4 months worth of accutane (2*40mg/day) in one shot without too much trouble. I think if you say you are going to be travelling they will issue you whatever you need.
  4. I think your doc is right, while I really disliked antibiotics (mino in my case) it is a good temporary relief without compromising your physical abilities. I am on accutane 80mg/day and I can tell you that your body will probably take a hit (then again everyone is different). I am by no means some super athlete but I do run up to 3 times a week, play hockey and lift some dumbells and I certainly do see a difference in the effort I can give and my recovery time is also longer.
  5. Accutane may dry your eyes, maybe try some artificial tears ?
  6. http://www.suntimes.com/output/health/cst-nws-hair15.html Sorry if this is a bit off topic but there seem to be a lot of people concerned about losing hair after accutane. I hope now the potential of going bald wont discourage you from taking accutane :)
  7. 1. 80 2. 80 3. 80 4. 80 <---- finishing my 4th month tomorrow 5. 80 6. 40 2 months left
  8. If you say there are 50 derms in your town, go see each of them until someone prescribes you what you want (unless it costs an arm to make a visit where you live).
  9. Uhh public place is not a good idea to settle this, if you have a problem with a mod try to get in touch with an admin of this site.
  10. If you are a guy and losing hairs, hit the iron and shave your head.
  11. You can use the one for females if you don't mind an extra set of boobs
  12. After almost 4 months on Accutane (80mg) I seem to have developed some pain in my lower back. Anyone had similar experience and was able to at least reduce it somehow? Maybe some supplements?
  13. For me, it is the inverse. I used to get cold sores before and since I did some minocyline followed now by accutane I have not got any new in a long time.
  14. If you want a quick bang go to a club, if you want a wife go to the library
  15. As you may know, Accutane is for severe acne. That is why they have to go with full heavy artillery as the low dosage probably doesn't work as well. How do you know if taking 5 years of accutane at low dosage wont have same or more severe side effects? Do you know if any studies have been done in this effect?