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  1. Going on accutane a second time to get rid of lingering pimples (few here and there). Someone told me a friend of theirs went on accutane and it removed her shallow scars. Any one else experience this?
  2. Pls answer the question. I wanna get my hands on some after Hunter's post!
  3. I've had the following: #1: 18 #2: 22 #3: 18 #4: 22 #5: 25 & 30 #6: 30 I dont know about improvement i'm very critical. But...yeah, with how cheap it is for us Aussies, i have to say, i'm kinda happy with the results. I'm giving it a break for 2-3 months now, to let some collagen grow, and then i think i'll get back to the treatments.
  4. Just had my 6th Fraxel - at 30 mj. 12 passess on cheeks. 9 passes on forehead. Fellow Fraxellers in Melbourne - lets talk!!
  5. WHen every time you feel lowly or bad about your skin, you get on acne.org as quick as you can to try to read other people's posts or see who else is feeling as bad as you are.
  6. I'm on level 25 With minimal results. I go back to get another at level 25 or higher in a month. I'm doing TCA cross in between which probably isn't good, but it's helping. I"m so sick and tired of these scars, they make me feel so depressed. I feel like jumping out of my own body when i see the scars. I'm going to continue getting fraxel once a month till the end of this year. I'm going back for my SIXTH fraxel in a month, as i stated above.
  7. I've heard about Thermage melting subcutaneous fat, and i'm SOOO worried that FRAXEL might do the same thing. What do you guys think? Some one please put my mind at ease.
  8. I also had crazy improvement to start with. Umm, dont' get your hopes up is all i'm saying. If you DO however manage to remove the scars, let us know
  9. Dear Hunter, I believe you. ANY PERSON WITH ACNE SCARRING WOULD NOT MAKE UP BULLSHIT - WE ALL KNOW THIS! I believe her. Anyone being negative - just read a different post and leave her alone. If anything, Hunter, I think it's because everyone's incredibly fed up with dealing with scars. I'm happy you've succeeded. You're one of the few. You are where we all want to be. Best Wishes, Narci. Well, well... your real personality shines through. When little miss hunter gets offended she re
  10. Geez. It's such a downer. I think my acne scars are here to stay. I think they make me look so ugly. Even after 4 FRAXELS they're still there! What the hell are we all supposed to do about this?? I hate my scars. I want them to go away so much.
  11. Yep got ALL my scars after accutane.
  12. You should help her get rid of her scars the way you did.
  13. Medicare pays 80% of Fraxel treatment, so I only pay 190 dollars for full face. I think that's pretty affordable. Besides i'm willing to sell my soul for better skin! So i see spending money in this a HUGE investment.