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  1. The pustule eventually became a big white head that was very easy to pop. The white stuff that came out was really hard. The skin has nowtotally healed over where the pustule was in record time, maybe only 3 or 4 days but I can still see a small pin prick hole where the white stuff came out and a general "dent" around the whole area. I'm so worried this will remain and stay as a scar!
  2. I have a very sore pustule on my face...I'm sure it's a pustule as I've looked at the pictures of them. However, it is just below my cheekbone and is REALLY tender. I've been clear for a while now and then this happens. Although it's small It's really painful and I'm worried it might scar as it's been there 5 days.
  3. I reckon those will fade with time, they certainly won't be indented scars like people get on their faces. Maybe getting some sun on your back could help?
  4. I need a really high factor sunscreen that won't give me breakouts. Can anybody recommend anything that they've used that's good? Many thanks Pockgirl x
  5. I've had various IPL treatments, 2 peels and 5 fraxels for acne scars and melasma and am going on holiday to the maldives in March. I'm just wondering whether melasma will come back if I go in the sun or whether the fraxel took it away permanently? Thanks for helping Pockgirl x
  6. How do you know when the microswelling has all gone?
  7. I've had 5 fraxels (the last one was only a week ago) My skin is still red and very flakey so it's difficult to notice the improvement at the moment. On the whole I would say that my rolling and boxscars are 60% improved. It does nothing for my ice picks - I've had some of those excised. I paid £1,000 for 4 treatments and the 5th one was free.
  8. Before I had fraxel I had a lot of melasma on my forehead with a big white patch in the middle! I used San Tropez to cover the white patch and it looked quite natural.
  9. I have only had the first kind of Fraxel and he usually gets me up to between 14 and 20 I'm not sure about number of passes but the whole process (not including the anaesthetic and dye) takes approx half an hour. I will have before and after photos from my derm once my treatment is finished. Incidentally - he did a punch excision on 2 ice pick scars after my fraxel yesterday and found an enormous cyst under the skin! the scars had been there for 10 years and I wondered why they were still we
  10. It's now approximately 4 months since my first ever Fraxel and I can REALLY see the difference. I would urge all those of you who have mild to moderate depressed scarring to consider fraxel. After 8 years of trying scar treatments I've finally found a solution.
  11. I get Retinova cream for £25.00 from my derm or Retin A 0.025% gel from my GP for £2.00!
  12. Yes but you haven't tried Fraxel...maybe that will work for you?
  13. The worst part about having scars and acne is taking my makeup off when with a boyfriend. I look so ill afterwards! But it's better than to leave it on to go to sleep or my spots would only get worse.
  14. Wow, that's really positive stuff!
  15. Yes, after the first fraxel treatment I was very shiny - it was like my skin had been pulled taught and was almost see through in texture. It's back to being matte now though but a bit more granular in texture.
  16. They do look like red marks at the moment and until they fade it is difficult to tell if they will actually be scars or not
  17. Hi I usually post in the scar forum because my active acne is almost under control. However, I have been feeling very run down and flu like for the past week and woke up this morning with 2 enormous spots on my chin....One has already popped (well I helped it a bit) and was mainly fluid filled. I'm so worried it will scar as it's enormous and I think more will come out soon... What could have caused these? They don't look or feel like normal acne? Please help Pockgirl x
  18. Those chinese pics are definitely not fraxel I don't think..
  19. I've never been diagnosed with body dysmorphic disorder however I DO have very low self esteem and used to suffer from anorexia and bulimia. I've been on antidepressants for many years, long before I got my adult acne so I know that I don't imagine my scars. They are there in plain view! I think that it's different for women who want to have nice young fresh looking skin.
  20. It all depends. I think Fraxel is really good for shallow scars. However, it has done nothing for my 2 icepick scars -if anything they have got bigger! For me, Fraxel has generally improved the overall tone, texture and sheen of my skin but I would have to say it has done minimal for my scars (so far). I still have 3 treatments to go so am ever hopeful!
  21. Hi guys I've now had 2 fraxel sessions and am fairly pleased with my results so far. However, I have come out with 2 angry spots, 1 on each cheek. They are big red pimples. I'm having another fraxel done tomorrow and am worried that when he goes over the spots it will damage them and cause them to scar. Please help If these spots scar they are right in the middle of my cheeks and will look sooo bad x