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  1. Did you have mild, moderate or severe acne?
  2. So I am just wondering...for those of you ladies out there that cleared up completely during pregnancy (at least once)....what birth control do you use to control your acne and how effective is it? I'm asking b/c I've been trying to find a bcp that works for my particular type of hormonal acne (mine cleared up completely my entire pregnancy with my daughter). I've tried Diane 35 and it broke me out horribly. I'm thinking I need to try something else...but want to try to avoid the breakout if
  3. Did you have an initial breakout with Estrosense? I am very interested as I am 33 and have had acne since age 15....though it became much more severe in my early twenties.
  4. Thanks for the response.... I was under the impression that Diane 35 was the best pill for acne...so I assumed since it didn't work and made my acne worse, that no other pill would work either. Has anyone else been through the same experience with Diane and then tried another bcp and had it work? Thanks again. Birth control pills are all quite different - they can have different levels of synthetic estrogen (though they all use the same kind), and most use different types of progestin. The
  5. I am 32 years old and I have had acne for 17 years...the only time I was clear was during my pregnancy as well....without doing anything...it came back after my daughter was weaned from the breast though I have thought about birthcontrol as my acne is obviously hormonal...but I took Diane 35 for 5 months and it broke me out horribly (I even started growing black hairs on my arm!) So I stopped. I'm wondering if a different pill...maybe Yasmin...will work better or if they are all the same...
  6. I would suggest going back to your derm and trying something else....maybe accutane if your acne is bad enough. If you regimen isn't working after 6 months then it's not going to work However, just because 1 thing doesn't work...doesn't mean the next thing won't....I've tried alot of things and the only thing that worked for me was benzoyl peroxide and accutane. You need to keep trying until you find what works for you Don't lose heart though....remember we are all fighting the same battle
  7. wow...thanks for all the info. I think I will eat veggies and apples only for about 2 weeks....until I clear and then slowly start to add things back. But unfortunately I've been taking zinc for about 1 week and it has caused a breakout of tiny bumps all over my cheeks...so I'm going to have to wait until those heal to know for sure. I have noticed that the only things that affect my acne at all (good or bad) always involve something taken internally. For example, birthcontrol pills and zinc
  8. Hi, I've exhausted all other options...taken just about every med including accutane. My acne is still here in my mid thirties I was wondering if anyone could suggest some foods that would be safe to eat for about 2 weeks time...until which point I will slowly start adding foods back to my diet. My acne must be due to what I'm eating. I just have no idea what's safe to eat (least likely to cause acne). thanks
  9. I was wondering if anyone from around Vancouver or surrounding areas has or knows of a good family doctor or dermatologist that is willing to prescribe low dose accutane? I don't want to waste my time going to tons of them trying to find the right one....thanks in advance
  10. bump.... Just wondering if anyone else who's skin cleared completely during pregnancy has had any luck with any other treatments?
  11. Can anyone tell me why my skin cleared up completely during my second pregnancy and came back with a vengence after I stopped breastfeeding? I thought if I took birthcontrol it would mimic pregnancy and help (diane 35) but it actually made things way worse. All of my hormone levels were checked and everything came back normal. I can't figure this out. Please help
  12. Try the regimen on this site...or any 2.5 % bp cream. Just use lots of it 2x per day and your skin will improve dramatically. It may take some time though. Good luck.
  13. Hello, I just wanted to let you know that the regimen on this site works awesome if done correctly. I am 32 and have had acne for 16 years or so. It is the only thing besides accutane that has ever positively affected my face. I hope you will try it. Don't waste your money on proactive. It will work awesome for a few months and then things will go back to the way they were before. Your skin will become immune--or at least that was my experience. Good luck!
  14. I would get off the tretinion. I tried it when I was young and it broke me out really bad. I started getting very large ones like never before. I actually had to go on accutane in order to control it and it's been a battle for the past 10 years or so since. I'm pretty sure it ruined my skin...just my two cents. I have found that the bp on this site (the regimen) works the best of anything I have tried. Although I was skeptical at first...it is the only thing that has ever brought me even