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  1. [attachmentid=4559]ive been off accutane 2 months. is that long enough to get a tattoo?? i dont wanna get one if i'm not gunna heal the right way. please help! i need to know asap. kthanks <3
  2. I've been off accutane about a month now. I havent really broke out but my face is still a mess. I have tons of marks and some pimples here and there. My doctor says I could get chemical peels after being off accutane 3 months. what exactly does it do and will it hurt?
  3. I just ended accutane yesterday. kinda sad. idk where these 5 months went. my face got a lot better. still not great and with a lot of red marks. will the medicine really start kicking in now? and how long til i can take vitamins? any advice would help! xO <33
  4. awww thanks for the advice ive been on accutane almost 5 months and im still not clear yet, what month did it start kicking in for you? or did it clear up a lot after u stopped the pill?
  5. gosh, i feel your pain. I'm on my very past month. still not clear and feeling like i never will be it kills me, it really does but many ppl say theres still hope. we'll see. ::sigh::
  6. I'm on my last month of accutane. It hasn't really done much. When I first started accutane it made my face extremely worse. It's gotten a lil better. My pimples aren't huge like they use to be but I still have so much left of my face. And on top of that, its so red. : ( I have like 2 weeks left. Is there any hope after I'm off it? My derm. said that a lot of times it clears up after you're off accutane. somebody please help :*(*
  7. I feel your pain..accutane does suck as of right now. im in my 3rd month n no improvements =(
  8. Today is week 13 that I've been on accutane. I havent seen any improvements, just more breaking out. My dermatologist is surprised by this. I end accutane in March. If this medicine is only a 20 week period than how are people on it for 6 months? I dont understand. My derm said that a lot of cases the acne doesnt clear until after I stop takin the pills. Do u think he'll put me on creams or sumthin? My face is just so bad still. =( or maybe ill just get another course. idk, im confused and sadde
  9. i have the same problem..ive been on accutane for 12 weeks now. its never been this bad. sigh =/ i wonder sometimes if it'll ever work.
  10. aww thanks guys. my face isnt too dry. using cetaphil a lot. stuff works great!! i've been on 60mg. i hope my derm will up my dosage soon =/
  11. aww its ok..u should be fine. i went a few days without it b/c sumthin happened with my plan but u should be good. accutane stays in your body a good week. well. good luck! =)
  12. hey guys. 2morrow is my 10th week on accutane and still no improvement..just a lot worse. i have this fear accutane wont work for me =( when its gunna start kickin in, if ever? please help!
  13. i missed about 3 days b/c something happened with my prescription plan. it didnt seem to effect me at all. accutane stays in your body about a week so u should be alright.
  14. mine would cost $1200..totally ridicilous