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  1. Hi, I was wondering if anyone know of any potential harm in using the Dermawand or Oxylight (high frequency device used during facials where they "zap" your skin with electrical pulses) during Pregnancy? Physically, I do not see how this will harm the baby as the action is only like patting your skin a couple of thousand times a second and injecting oxygen into your pores. However, the product that advice pregnant women to postpone use of it. As I would really like to continue use of this p
  2. Hi, I have the same question. I recently purchased the At-home dermawand system and the package indicates that it is not for use for pregnant women. However I tried google-ing the subject (for both oxylight and dermawand) and seems nothing has come up indicating harm in use of it. However, sites that sell these products all have this disclaimer saying pregnant women or people using pacemakers should not use these high frequency devices. I am also pregnant, but this is a time when I need th
  3. I am getting married soon and needless to say my face is still full of scars and a few zits (in the process of healing thanks to no wearing make up for a month and sleeping >8 hours a day) So I hire a makeup artist to do my makeup for the actual wedding and studio wedding pictures. The last time she applied makeup on me was a few months ago (for the studio pictures). And I was relatively clear at that time - only pigmented scaring and red marks. And she took one look at me and asked if I
  4. I am getting married soon and needless to say my face is still full of scars and a few zits (in the process of healing thanks to no wearing make up for a month and sleeping >8 hours a day) So I hire a makeup artist to do my makeup for the actual wedding and studio wedding pictures. The last time she applied makeup on me was a few months ago (for the studio pictures). And I was relatively clear at that time - only pigmented scaring and red marks. And she took one look at me and asked if I
  5. I just want to add that I have zits or pigmented scars all over my face and at times my cysts were so huge they are the size of a dime. But unless you really have very severe severe acne that covers your entire face. Honestly even 10 cysts only make up a small portion of your face. You still have the rest of the skin that perhaps doesn't look all that bad at all. People with acne just tend to concentrate on staring at those cysts/zits and neglect that our face also consists of our eyes, our
  6. I've always "thought" i had very severe acne. There were times (including now) that I would look at myself in the mirror like 20 times a day. Wash it constantly thinking it's dirty, etc. Anyway. I did an experiment. For the past year or so I have been taking pictures of my face and my zits, etc from different angles. (I was on accutane May 2005 to august 2005 and I was tracking my improvements through the pictures, I stopped after 8 weeks of accutane and my acne came back full blown but I
  7. breakaway, you must be only 17?18? By your picture I can say you are not an ugly girl at all. Skin is only a part of the many factors we use to define beauty, but it is not 100%. I am almost a decade older than you, so I can offer some advice when it comes to men. When asked what guys find attractive in girls, most of them will likely say looks, but deep down, honesty now, everyone ages, when people get older, looks are not the main factor in determining whether 2 people are compatible.
  8. I had a really bad acne breakout in March or April and now it's September and the scars from my acne is still here, particular one huge scar left from a cystic pimple. The wound has turned from pus oozing to red patch to purple to brown... now it's somewhat hardened into a brown scab. It's been there for over a month. Everytime I try scrubbing it , the scab comes off a bit and then another one forms. So now i'm just not touching it and waiting... What can I do to make the scab come off fast
  9. Wow Paula...you're Looking AWESOME!!! I went off accutane after 8 weeks of it back in July. It's now September (about 2 months after) and my acne is returning. Got a big one right between my eyebrows and one on my chin. The first month off accutane, I still had flawless skin. So I'm guessing after 2 months the oil returns bit by bit. For me since I was on a very low dose for only 8 weeks, the oil glands didn't really shrink much and I never really experienced the extreme dryness. For p
  10. Hmm.. i have the same experience. I have 2 black scars on my cheeks now that have been like this since March (it's august now) It's going to take close to 2 years for it to fade (the deeper it is, the longer it takes) Unfortunately mine are deep (they were from 2 large cysts i developed back in march.... i had similar scars before and they faded in a year or two. Now they're barely noticeable. Thank goodness for makeup.
  11. Very inspiring story... I applaud your optimism and inner strength. First of all..Just remember that you WILL heal and you WILL get better. And you have someone who loves you very much despite the superficial flaws - which makes you luckier than many who might have clear skin but never had the luxury to experience unconditional love. I am one of the lucky ones who also found support from my now fiance, who stood by me even when I looked like my face was going to explode. Anyway... when
  12. i was only on 20mg for 2 months. It's been about almost 2 months since I stopped accutane and I have not had any breakouts yet. Though I am no longer very dry. The first month I stopped, my skin was still dry and not even as much as a whitehead. Now i find the oil is still under control, but i do get some whiteheads... but they go away pretty quickly. I hope it stays this way... or else I'll just need to take another course as my course before was VERY low dosage.
  13. Is it safe to get tattoos while on accutane??? Isn't your skin like super fragile??? Great pictures btw... lol...acne.org will be your new LJ! lol...don't stop posting even when you're in Brazil!
  14. Hey babe!! Looking good.. You got this christina aguilera thing going on with that marilyn monroe hairdo... love it..!!
  15. Added updated picture as of today (see first entry in this post). Can notice the scar between eyebrows have lightened. But the one on left cheek has gotten bigger since I accidentally scratched it while exfoliating (stupid fragile skin after accutane!!) and now the skin is rather raw. But it is lighter in colour vs. the dark red/purple colour before. Regimen: Topicals: - Continue to use/alternate between scarzone, polyspirin triple antibiotic ointment (every night), Mederma scar gel, ultraq
  16. Yeah accutane makes your skin thinner.. and regeneration is much slower.. so every scratch or lesion turns redder ... I never had such dark red scars before accutane: Here are my pics.. I just got off accutane after 2 mths cuz I couldn't stand the fragile skin any longer: http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=58956
  17. OMG.. that's rough. So what about your mutual friends.. probably means you can't be friends with ppl he knows anymore either.. Really amazed how love turns to hate so quickly. I still remember u wrote stuff like how u 2 r so violently in love just a few months ago..and now... do u think the accutane had anything to do with how u reacted to ted, etc? I know one of the ppl suggested that on your LJ...
  18. Judging from my easily hyperpigmented skin... do you think the TCA peel will make me scar MORE?
  19. Thanks Libby. Actually the right side of face went through the exact same scars as my left side about 5 years ago. As u can see, the scars have almost completely faded. So there is hope. Time is the key to healing. I also do glycolic peels (less than 10%) almost daily and I had done microdermabrasion on my old (right side of face) scars previously.. but only 3 courses and it didn't help me that much. Acid peels worked the best for me. I wish I could speed things up a bit. I am consid
  20. [attachmentid=1677] July 15/05 Ok, i am taking the courage to post my picture... this is really tough for me as I make so much effort not having anyone see me without my makeup.... and now i'm posting it on the web for the world to see... What do you guys think? How bad is my skin??! I would say I got pretty bad pigmented scarring... mainly dark pigmentation on my left cheek and a crater between my eyebrows. Thankfully the areas under the grey fills and my forehead are clear. Can anyon
  21. paula u should post some new pics of u and the new "hot" guy together... i must say..u got over your ex fast!! Are u guys still friends?
  22. Actually, I did. Just b4 u deleted it. Quite a write-up your ex put together. But I thought taking over someone's blog was uncalled for. I have a few blogs myself (not on myspace or LJ tho) and I know how attached u can get w/ them. I'm guessing either he's real immature, or he was just really really hurt. Nonetheless, I thought you guys did look very cute together... so too bad it didn't work out. Look on the bright side tho... change isn't necessarily a bad thing.
  23. Just wanted to say your skin looks great!! I was a big fan of your live journal... was very sad to see it close down are you still moving away from the US? Heard something about that before... Anyway.. hang in there... time heals all wounds!! (even emotional ones!) I've been on'tane for 2 months... some progress though not a lot.. yeah i hate the fragile skin too! So many scrapes on my face it looks worse than b4...
  24. birthmarks as in pigmented skin that have healed? Are they red, brown or purplish in colour? It will take a while to get back to the skin colour.. depending on how "deep" the marks are. The marks will take longer if they are located in places with thinner skin (eg. cheeks) as opposed to places with thicker skin (eg. nose) Usually time will do its trick but if u can definitely consider some peels/topicals to help speed up the process.