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  1. kewl avatar. is accutane still working for you?

  2. hey can you post the before pics again so i can see you're improvement's please and thank you !
  3. Not to be an asshole or anything, but why do you care to try and prevent some random person that you will never know, from the web, to stop them from taking this drug. I know that sounds kinda harsh but sorry.
  4. so should i even bother rubbing vitamin E pill gunk on my face??
  5. im in the same boat. im almosttt clear but i have red marks and i still get about 2 pimples a dayy. im on day 58. but i have like 100 days left soooo that makes me happy cause i know ill def clear up by then.
  6. Well i was "hanging out" and it just slipped my mind that my blood test was in two days. Well so i only had 2 beers but do you think this would effect my test results? Btw accutane is working great ! keep your heads up its really worth it !
  7. yeah i get them occasionally, rarely though. Also, When i get really angry my both eyes flare up. looks like im high lol.
  8. I'm just not responding because I don't want to feed the troll Oh so now am I being compared to a Troll Unbelievable. You know what I thought this was support site but from the looks of it... it seems it is far from. Crazian i dont know what your problem is but I think you need a little bit of growing up to do. Who do you think you are comparing a human being to a Troll shame on you for ever posting those fake pics of your clear skin trying to say u had acne before. Instead of being an insp
  9. Whoa you just brought this topic back from the grave.
  10. When did he ever say they worked at the same job? lol oh man