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  1. Thanks for the reply! I had polysporin on them for a large portion of the day yesterday; didn't notice any change.
  2. Hey everyone.. looking for some help here, any advice is appreciated. My skin was looking fairly clear a few days back, but I was stupid and had to squeeze about 5 spots. My nails were longer and I must have messed the surface of my skin up badly, because now there are scabs over each mark. It looks kind of ridiculous, not even like acne. Just scabs.. Cover up is caking on them, too.. I've got a very big event in two days where i'll be infront of a large number of people. If ANYONE has tips
  3. im not expert, but there's no harm in rinsing with cold I suppose. I always wash my face with colder water or really quickly in warm water anyways because hot water will always make your face look more rough for an hour or so after.
  4. *looks at sunburned face* just make sure you dont fall asleep while tanning
  5. hey sorry to hear man.. the MAC concealer in the bag sucks. but for future reference, always blame it on skin tone clearasil or something.. or tinted moisturizer. Once I was in a situation like that and any doubt was removed
  6. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php?showtopic=55003
  7. that's odd, have you tried a different brand? I have blacklights in my room, and a few of my friends have had glowing faces when they come over
  8. what does putting cucumbers under your eyes do? doesnt that tighten? would that work for dark circles?
  9. 1. wtf 2. spray that shit with lysol 3. .. there is no 3. good luck.
  10. If you're allergic to dogs it could irritate your skin, so perhaps.. try taking allergy pills, see if that makes a difference. Thats what I do with my cats..!
  11. I pop somethings, trying to stop. It becomes habit. Trust me, unless it's a huge pus spot on your face, DONT TOUCH. I have MILD teenaged acne which is pretty average but whenever I screw around with it, it gets bad. My advice to anybody is to keep your hands off, get some good cream/cover and then dont look in the mirror.
  12. i'd just go to a walk in clinic if i were you to check that out, make sure it's not a big assed infection. (i live in canada, hopefully you're not in the states or you have a nice medical plan)
  13. I would think patting is better because it doesn't grind crap from the towel into your pores..
  14. I've found a moisturizer that doesnt clog pores (non comedogenic, hypo allergenic, perfume free) and it's SPF 15.. been using it and it hasn't irritated my mild acne (i have very tempermental skin though.) I don't take responsability if it makes anything worse, but for those in search of something I highly recommend you try it.. and here's hoping it works for you. The product is: MARCELLE oil-free multi defense lotion. It's a "daily moisturizer". Comes in a small 120 ml bottle.
  15. Ok. I'm in a good relationship. Wanna know the secret? Communication. Tell him it hurts you when he makes fun of your skin flat out. If he tries to laugh it off tell him you're serious and give him "the look." If he can't respect that then he's not worthy of you, trust me. I'd never poke fun of my girlfriend like that. We're both teens, we both get zits. Perhaps show him all the things you've tried with your skin so he gets the message and won't bring it up again. Tell him that instead of c