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  1. Heavy drink? What do you mean? lol haha, terrible typo i meant heavy cream Nope I don't do the cream anymore...I mostly did that when I was switching over to a high fat diet and now I seem to have corrected my fat imbalance so I don't crave it anymore. I still drink whole milk pretty regularly, and have some whole milk cheese.
  2. If you are eating some dairy or fish or eggs in your diet then that can be ok for some people. But if you are strict no animal products then that is very bad.
  3. Vegetarian diet is not healthy. Definitely get some sort of animal protein, fish is good.
  4. I have a theory that a lot of people, especially those with persistent moderate to severe acne, are protein types. A protein type under the metabolic type system is someone who has a type of in-born metabolism that thrives on fat and protein, but does not process carbohydrates well. This leads to all sorts of health problems, one of which could be acne. So...are you a protein type? Try these free tests here: http://www.evolutionfitnessandnutrition.co...ional_test.html http://products.mercol
  5. What are you eating when you eat out? You can usually find some good stuff that isn't totally coated in oils or whatever. I normally just get meat and vegetable dishes. If you're eating something like pizza though, you're screwed.
  6. You could try coconut oil. You'll have to heat it up a bit though if you're not in a hot climate because it gets solid at room temperature.
  7. Yeah it's actually best to do it without supplements and it's not terribly hard. First you want to make sure you are eating a lot of fish for the omega-3s. I like to eat canned salmon, but whatever way you can get it is good. Second you want to eliminate any big sources of omega-6s. I would try going nut and seed free because almost all of these contain very large amounts of omega-6s. Also you for sure want to eliminate vegetable oils like olive oil, canola oil, corn oil, soy oil, etc. bec
  8. Hmm looks like your diet is way too low in meat and fat and too high in carbs. Cut out the rice and replace it with some fatty meat like beef, lamb, chicken legs, salmon. Also might want to cut out the smoothie or at least add some bacon and eggs to your breakfast . You could also try some full fat dairy. I wouldn't worry about your allergy test results, especially a kinesiology test. Those things are notoriously inaccurate.
  9. Cashews are not legumes. Cashews are the seed a of a fruit in the same family as mangos and pistachios. All legumes are part of the Fabaceae family, which cashews are not. But yes, fairly high in omega 6, but also very high in many nutrients- one of the best sources of magnesium in fact. Hmm interesting, it looks like you may be right? I don't know why all my other sources told me cashews were legumes. Cashews are seeds according to this: http://vegetarian.lovetoknow.com/is-cashew-legume
  10. Yes I have drank a lot of kefir The store-bought kefir is really awful though, it's filled with sugar. It's like drinking a soda. But home-made kefir can be very good if you just make it from pure milk and cultures. Or if you can find a pure kefir at a store (very rare) then that will work too.
  11. Yep omega-6 is very bad for acne and most people eat way too much of it naturally in their diet through vegetable oils. There is no reason to supplement with omega-6. I would only take fish oil, which is basically all omega-3s. I wouldn't worry about iodine.
  12. Hmm my best guess would be the cashews and/or the flaxseed oil. First off, cashews are not actually nuts, they are legumes. So they're not officially on the paleo diet. But also, they have lots of omega-6s in them which can definitely cause issues if eaten in large quantities. Do you eat fish regularly? I would make sure you eat a lot of fish to balance out the omega-6s with omega-3s. Or take some fish oil. Flaxseed oil is kinda a weird oil to take. It's not very natural. It has omega-3, b
  13. Who in this photo has acne? I don't see anyone with it. Also you shouldn't be avoiding beef. Or salad.
  14. What makes you think our bodies are built to deal with the kind of abuse we put them through these days? The human diet and lifestyle has changed more in the last 100 years than it has in the last 2 million years of evolution. Our bodies truly were not designed to deal with it and acne is just one of the consequences we are seeing. I agree that there are underlying conditions - and the underlying condition is that your body is out of sync with its environment. It's like trying to drive