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  1. no, i just want to know how i really look, i just want to know the truth but how do i that?
  2. ok, so i have rosacea. but i have had these marks on my cheeks, i thought they were acne scars, my derm said it was hyperpigmentation, but my laser surgeon said the marks were from rosace and he had to look thru a mirror to see what i was talking about. My derm keeps saying how clear i look, and my laser surgeon(i had done for redness) says how clear i look, and my dad says how clear i look. Anyways, when i look at my mirrors at home, i look pretty clear(something i can certainly live with). Ho
  3. so it does cause acne??? would finacea gel be good to use??
  4. I used to get very red on my cheeks for 3 days or so then it would clear up for 6 days and then get very red again and so on. So i put on desonide lotion on my cheeks and delayed the redness for a lot longer. Then I got a little red on the side of my face so i put some desonide lotion and it went away. But now i got some blemishes and some pimples on the side of my face and on one of my cheeks. Does desonide lotion cause pimples if used on the face? Is it bad to use on the face for an extended
  5. some mirrors I look great (no marks) and then there are the dim light mirrors that really show my scars/red marks how do i know what i really look like in person is there a way of finding out
  6. people say i look like a young Justin Timberlake i am a good looking guy and i see the resemblance a bit
  7. how bad is the bruising
  8. also, how long does it take for the bruising to go away
  9. i am thinking about getting it done
  10. how much does it cost
  11. "Alot of people wonder why Justin Timberlake prefers to sit in the shade, avoids the sun in most cases, and prefers to occassionally visit the beach. The reason? The 23 year old has been taking Accutane the last 2 years to avoid acne breakouts. As a young adult, the *NSYNC star suffered from pimples in his teenage years and today goes to all extincts to avoid breakouts. Most cases he keeps a strict and healthy diet, drinks minimum 8 classes of water and keeps very minimal consumption of alcohol
  12. http://www.onetreehillcentral.org/visuals/...m=341&pos=5 and even better look at the comments on that link.....people still like him with his acne problem this should make u guys feel better
  13. ask your derm for desonide lotion; it should clear it up within a day or 2; u don't have acne, u have seborrheic dermatitis
  14. accutane really cleared me up, but i have been off of it for 4 months and i am starting to break out again should i go back on antibiotics such as minocycline