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  1. If you had a decent color match with the skin stays clean, try the (almay) Kinetin Skin Smoothing foundation, I really liked that and it didn't cause breakouts.
  2. Isn' that all part of why that look appeals to some -- there's definitely something kind of macabre to it, which to me is scary, to you is 'different and eye-catching', beautiful to some and ugly to others . . . IMO an important aspect of a style like that is the reaction it generates.
  3. If it is a cyst, it's not all that bad. One of my best friends had one on her forehead which she had removed. Afterward there was a tiny line where it had been, and that went away pretty quickly, and now there's no visible scar.
  4. I'm sure this varies with everyone, but here are mine: 1.) a product to kill bacteria, like BP, polysporin or clindamycin or similar 2.) a product to unclog pores, like BHA or a topical A (RAM, green cream, whatever). 3.) a non-comedogenic moisturizer/sunblock combo (or sep prods if you like) to calm and protect healing skin Edit: I agree w quack . . . a combo of BHA/AHA or vitA/AHA is more effective than either alone: I'll add in a glycolic (AHA) toner for making part 2 more effective if your
  5. I haven't tried Freederm, but I have tried other nicotinamide products as antiinflamitory and oil control. My understanding is that this is basically an antiinflamitory which treats acne but does little to prevent it. If I were you, I'd find some sort of treatment to use during the day, likely a salicylic acid, to prevent your pores from clogging (this will take a while, maybe 2 months or more for full results). I think it's often useful to use more than one active ingredient, especially whe
  6. I don't know, but that's a massive amount of zinc to be taking. I'd either try googling it or even stop by a pharmacy to check on the ratio of zinc to copper they would recommend -- you don't want to be doing yourself harm in the long run.
  7. I haven't talked to anyone (yet) who has used it that had any bad effects from it, so that is a good thing. I am the same as you, some of my makeup I've had for way longer than I should. I really need to clean out my makeup and throw it out. I love Sally's too, was just there yesterday and spent way too much money. :whistle: Too funny, me too!
  8. Yeah, I used to use Redken Fash Wash and Active Express? Conditioner (whatever they were called, it was the fast drying line) and I was actually allergic to something in it -- my face, and especially my forehead broke out in huge cysts when I used it, even if I kept it off of my face, hairline, and washed my face after using the shampoo/cond, so there is a slight possibility that it is the shampoo. That said though, my skin's not perfectly clear on it's own now, but at least I dont get like 5 c
  9. Yeah, I'm sure you're right -- I've used the papers before but not the loose powder *I love sally's* You've probably brought up a good point in keeping brushes clean anyway. One of my probs though is I tend to keep makeup longer than they said you should, so perhaps if it's used up in a reasonable amount of time it'd be just fine.
  10. Cool, thanks for the advice, I'll look into trying that. I currently have a multi w 333% in it, and though I haven't been taking it that long, I do think my overall skintone has improved (with the exception of yesterday,but that's bc I didn't drink enough water the day before, I think). I've seen capsules often, so I'll do some more reading. Thanks for the tip! I've only ever seen Holland and Barrett in the UK< but that's not to say they are in some other region of the US . . .
  11. Copper is a harder one to find, but if you take a multivitamin, it's usually in there, or get a muliti-mineral supplement. Alternatively, just get the zinc w the copper in there -- I always figure that's a good sign when a company puts the two together.
  12. I've had them become infected, it happened after I stopped taking BCPs, it was bizarre. They would become cysts . . . it sucked.
  13. I would nix the wheat germ oil cleanser, wheat germ oil receives a 5 (highest) rating on every scale I've ever found, and when I used a product with it, I broke out. I think it's good product for skin nourishing for ppl who dont break out, but I'd never buy anything w it in it. The new Clinique Mild liquid soap is supposedly very good, and pH balanced to 5.5 (a MUAer did a test on it) which is very good as far as skin cleansers go. The extra mild is also an option, which is good if you have a
  14. I would have to agree -- I broke out after and OMG it hurt, even when I barely touched it to my skin. Was using a sonicare though, so perhaps that's why.