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  1. well, I just did my fourth one. Other people say that my skin is looking a LOt better, but I can still see scarring. I guess I should just be more patient. If you peel your skin to the depth of your deepest scars, they should be gone right?
  2. my scars are just not going away. I hate acne so much! do you think i can get smooth skin with this stuff?
  3. TCA peels are helping me. just did one two weeks ago and another one yesterday. I took these pictures today. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php...user&user=24568
  4. melody83


    pictures of my skin
  5. Sometimes I feel like suing my old dermatologist. I don't think he took acne patients seriously. He spent about two minutes each appointment with me, and when I asked him why retin-a and antibiotics weren't working and what was wrong with me, he said "Excuse Me?" Like i had the nerve to judge my doctor and his treatment or ask questions. RIDiculous. If I had switched derms about six months before i did, i wouldn't have any scarring. My dermatologist now is extremely helpful and caring. H
  6. that's good. I just did it and it burned a lot more this time.
  7. how did that turn out? I think i'm about ready to do another one
  8. i'm 21... would back to back peels be a bad idea? It sounds kind of dangerous, but wouldn't it give you a deeper peel than letting new skin grow back? my face is getting pretty smooth, but i just would like to have perfect skin. i had acne from about age 13 to 18 and i'm just sick of skin problems.
  9. my 15% TCA peel just started peeling today and my new skin looks more raw than I remember it ever looking with my other peels. I hope I'm just being paranoid and didn't mess up my skin.. I hope i didn't use too many layers
  10. I am doing my third TCA peel now. My first two were TCA/Jessner's peels done by my dermatologist. I don't know what percentage they were. I just did a 15% TCA by myself. It didn't hurt nearly as much as the doctor's office peels, so I applied several layers until it frosted. I think i'm going to get a pretty good peel. It feels good to save so much money by doing it myself. When would it be safe to do this again?