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  1. bottom line, you're both women and can't comment on this matter like another man can. MY opinion, as a proud owner of one X and one Y chromosome, is that it could be acne. I had what i believe to be acne on my penis about a year ago, it was just one pimple and it went away rather quickly when i just left it alone. don't irritate it though, because it will hurt like hell (that means no masturbation, i know it sucks)
  2. rrrgh now it's 2 for popping and 2 for not popping! could an admin, or maybe if i'm lucky, dan himself give me a final answer?
  3. i've been using the regimen nightly only (except for occasional weekend mornings) because of the horrible smell of the dried BP gel (acne.org brand). myself and my fellow classmates who are around me constantly would liken it to something such as a "sour milk" smell. however at night, i'll wash my face with the cetaphil bar and put on an ample amount of BP gel, rubbing it in gently and completely before going to bed. results have been mixed, but i'm still having occasional breakouts on my proble
  4. i've got a pretty large whitehead in my problem area (skin adjacent to both sides of the nose, a horrible place to have them), and i'm wondering if it would be best to pop it using the sterilized needle and tissue paper method or just let it go away on its own. i've been dumping BP gel on the beast twice a day, and i think it's pretty much ready to go. advice would be appreciated, because i don't want to scar my skin, but i also don't want to have this behemoth on my face picture for referenc
  5. used it on and off for a few years, it didn't benefit me very much. now that i'm on the regimen though, my skin's clearing up marvelously!
  6. i try to shave as infrequently as possible because shaving makes the areas i shave (chin, upper lip) get little breakouts. i use edge shave gel sensitive skin formula, and i think that might be the reason that i break out because i doubt it's non-comedogenic, but it's much better than using cetaphil soap because it doesn't leave my face stinging!
  7. so i'm using brevoxyl creamy wash (BP 4%) and i'm wondering if anyone else has used this before. post experiences...etc. also, have you noticed how it smells bad to you and those around you?
  8. dude, don't tan when you're on accutane. from what i've read, you need a healthy 30+ spf sunscreen on at all times when you're outside on that stuff. with regard to the BP, if your skin is already dry on accutane, imagine what it will be like on accutane and BP. just wait for the accutane to take its course, by the third month you'll be starting to clear up marvelously.
  9. i've been using BP for about a month or so (not on dan's regiment), and i've only used it at night. the reason for this is that it smells like crap, and even after i shower in the morning apparently the smell isn't gone because my friends will sometimes joke that i smell like old milk/cheese (which is obviously the BP). i'm using brevoxyl 4% creamy wash, but i've also used triaz which smells just as bad. is there any brand of BP that doesn't have an offensive odor to it?
  10. in the video where dan applies the benzoyl peroxide to his face, i notice that he hasn't wetted his face with lukewarm water first, like the directions on the BP say to. Does not wetting your face first make the BP work better? Thanks in advance!