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  1. Well the only other thing ive used is Boots ACT cleansing bar and I found that alot more drying than Simple, ive found it becomes less drying as you use it more
  2. Hello my friend!! Ive been using Simple soap for ages mate and I think its pretty good stuff. I had a really bad outbreak about 2 months ago after letting the regimen slip so I started back on it morning and night using simple soap, Dan's gel and Eucerin and my skins got better and better so the soap cant be too bad from my experience.
  3. Just to add to this thread Ive started using more BP recently(Dans gel) and ive had problems with flaking which ive never had before. I used Eucerin and this was the best moisturiser but I used it up very quickly and its a bit pricey, anywhos tried Neutrogena moisturiser and its pretty crap so I suppose Eucerin is my only option?? I also changed from Simple soap bar to Boots ACT bar and that seems to make my face more flakey after washing
  4. Lol cheers for the pic mate, I can safely say im using more than that! I wud have thought Id still have pretty tight skin if i used that much, have u got a pic of how much Bp you use?
  5. Ive been on the regimen for nearly a year now, started off using simple bar,panoxyl 2.5 and simple moisturiser. Im now using ACT bar,Dans gel and Eucerin, personally I dont think im using that much Eucerin and definitly not using as much as Dan shows on his videos. I was thinking of getting the Neutrogena stuff in the orange tube, anyone know if this is any good?? Just to add I use Bp and Eucerin on the whole of my lower face so mabye if you guys dont use that much thats why its only lasting m
  6. Finally got round to buying Eucerin face moisturiser and its nearly run out after about 2 weeks!! What would be a close second to Eucerin thats lasts a bit longer??
  7. Just wondering if once people have cleared up on Dans regimen they have continued to carry on with it?? my acne is pretty bad sometimes so whenever I get clear think im best staying with it. Im 22 now so im hoping its gonna get better but not looking like getting much better at the moment
  8. Hey guys Just wondering if anyone can recommend a good shaving foam/gel to use when on the regimen? I know Dan advises you to use a cleanser but I find anything but foam/gel cuts and irritates my face to much.
  9. Ok thanks guys I think im gonna try the boots cleansing bar and see how I go with that
  10. yeah sure, Im using simple soap bar as a cleanser then Dans BP gel and finally Eucerin, im from the UK so cant get some of the products Dan describes over here. What annoys me most is that ive been on the regimen using different products for ages and my skin went very clear but I let it slip slightly. The breakout ive had for the past 3 weeks is really strange though because ive never had so many spots at once, usually get a few bigger spots but never loads all over my face. p.s. using just und
  11. hey guys, Im experiencing the worse breakouts ive had for years at the moment, whats different about this breakout is that its lasted for about 3 weeks and my skin doesn't show much signs of getting better (Im on the CSR). I thought it would be good if as many people as possible could list things that break them out and I can see if any of the reasons might apply to myself?? Might be a long shot but worth a try I think because a few months ago i was virtually clear and now im full of spots
  12. This one ive bought leaves my face really shinny,is the Eucerin specifically for the face like this?? Any word on when Dan's moisturiser is gonna b ready?
  13. used it twice today and it does seem to be too greasy I think,I'll try just using a little bit but im not to hopefully, bought two so thats 18 quid wasted,nice!
  14. hey ppl, Just bought some Eucerin moisturiser but im not sure if ive got the right one, it comes in a tub and says dry skin relief cream with 5% Urea but ive noticed from a website that there's a specific cream for the face. Would the one ive bought still be ok for the regimen??
  15. Hey guys, Just wondering how people have got on using Dans regimen when on holiday in hot climates? e.g hot weather making face sweaty and going in and out of water, whenever I go into water with bp on my face becomes dry and tight soon after.