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  1. So how much more effective is chlorhexidine than chloroxylenol? I just got a gallon jug of the AloeGuard stuff and I really like it so far. Makes my skin really smooth. But now there's this product that's only $10... maybe I can use both?
  2. Thanks to the both of you. Yeah I'm not sure whether to go for the AloeGuard or the Provon. Maybe both? Haha.
  3. Yeah I know but that wasn't really my question. I wan't to know what the difference between Triclosan and Chloroxylenol is. Maybe I'll just get all of them and compare. Although it would be nice to have some feedback.
  4. All this talk of antibacterial soaps is getting me very curious and interested. I've been taking Minocycline and using tazorac and benzaclin which has significantly helped my active acne but on my back and chest I still have red marks and scars. Now this is where I turn to find out more about soaps. I've been using the Purpose bar soap for about 2 years and I really liked it but my skin still isn't as great as it could be. So right now I've narrowed it down to: Dial Antibacterial Body Wash Clea
  5. I finally went to the dermatologist after finding a really good one and she gave me this regimen: AM -Wash with Purpose (I already had been) -Apply clindamycin (topical) -Take Dynacin (75mg) PM -Wash with Purpose -Wait 1/2 hour (eh, I don't really considering this is probably until my skin dries off after a shower) -Apply "pea-sized" amount of Retin-A Micro 0.1% (gradually increase until frequent usage) It has only been two weeks but it seems promising. any comments?
  6. well, i have decided to go to my doctor and ask him to prescribe me benzaclin. i am pretty confident in it. 5% bp plus whatever else is in it to kill bacteria. I will still use the purpose bar and moisturize (occassionally). i found the box from my old prescription (5/02) and it said 'apply to face every morning'. So if i have benzaclin on my chest and back... and something mild on my face... i am in business :)/
  7. "hey you have a lot of pimples on your back" WHAT?! how didn't i know, what is wrong with me?... <sarcasm> tear </sarcasm>
  8. Attempted Week 5(? -its been about 2-3 months but i guess i would say this is how long i've been keeping at it lately) i am officially back from vacationing... while away, i skimped on morning and some evening parts of the regimen... but now i have nothing to interfere with the regimen for a long time which is very good. the other day, i saw zapzyt at a pharmacy somewhere so i bought it. wow... much better than oxy (not content-wise because they're both 10% bp but the gel absorbs so e
  9. back from vacation.... updates soon... lost my bp while on vacation this past week... used it twice the whole week... ah well i am back on track. everything's clearing up, slowly but surely. yes i am still using the 10% confidently and lets see what happens. on a completely unrelated note... my braces come off in 3 weeks... its about freaking time! its been about 3 years... going on another short vacation for 3 days... and then ill kepp everyone posted
  10. just got bp... woohoo so i'll have another full update at the end of the week.
  11. ahh, i havent had any time to get any bp... its 8:30 so i'll see if i can get any tonight. i'll pick up one or two. then i will actually be able to use it for an extended period of time! otherwise, my skin is looking better. real update soon, i promise
  12. also on my nose i have two raised white dots... not whiteheads and not pimples and they've been there for about a month or so. and the bp isnt doing much to get rid of them. do you know what these are?
  13. on the right side of my face near the jawline i have two bumps under the skin. they are semi-hard and round. are these cysts? and will the regimen eventually take care of this or is there some other method i should use? thanks in advance
  14. alright well, i haven't yet found out what honey to use, but for the past two days after i decided to really start using dan's regimen constantly every day. i dont have any of the 2.5% bp but i am using oxy 10 with very good results. but i don't reccomend this for everyone. as dan says, more of the 2.5% works better than 10%. not on my skin, but everyone is different so it is hard to be sure. nob-- haha thanks. well, i'm still iffy about the lemon and honey thing i was going to add in. rig