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  1. Okay thanks for the replies. Well I have been granted a sample of the product so I'm trying it out, and if it works, any price is worth perfect skin
  2. I found this moisturizer http://www.beautyexpert.co.uk/FullDetails....ProductID=24266 and I think it's what I need. Does Glycolic acid remove my dead skin cells and make my skin a heck of alot better? What do you think of this moisturizer guys. It's £39.00 though, (about $80.00).
  3. Hi I'm hoping a moisturizer that contains salicylic acid would be enough to exfoliate my dead skin cells for getting great skin. I cant go for any bad ingredients anymore (fragrance etc) and usually end up paying £25.00 for a moisturizer at a time, but they just aint working and so I need to find one with salicylic acid from the UK. Please help, many thanks.
  4. Hey guys, the wrong forum but this is the only place I know. Long time no see for alot of us. Well my girlfriend of 8 months finished with me today. I loved her so much and she still loves me. We argued too much and so we left on a good note just being friends. God ill never find anyone as good as her, I just cant picture myself with anyone else, it makes me cry thinking that I'm 18 and her birthday is in 2 weeks and she will also be 18. Has anyone else ever been in this situation? I practic
  5. HELP. My whole face is now dry and oily and flakey and red blablablabla I have not used ANYTHING for nearly over a year and yet im still dry. I just use jojoba oil and nothings repairing HELP
  6. I just applied jojoba oil to my face (like 4 drops) and 5 mins later im dry again well I think it's dryness or something.
  7. Stocko!! So good to hear that you're feeling better now! I just reread some of your previous posts and it seems you've done quite a turnaround in the last month, eh...? As bad as you felt then, you must have still been attractive if you now have a new girlfriend! I'm thinkin' it was the personality that really pulled her in... Clearing up the dryness would just be a bonus!
  8. The thing with exfoliating is, how do I do it? I had this exfoliate cream it just drys me up and doesnt take any flakes off. When I rub my face i get lots of flakes showing, i think its stopping oil from soothing my face because the more dry i get through the day the more oily i am.
  9. Im still finding trouble removing my white flakes i need a aha moisturizer uk with no sensitive things like fragance. My skin in the morning is really good but then i get this dryish weirdish feeling then I start getting flakey and then red. I use nothing but joboba I also get more oily when I get dry through the day. I dunno whats wrong with my face. It's not nice. I think I need to exfoliate all the dead cells on my face, please tell me how
  10. Yes I have, unfortunately I cant use it. Contains fragrance and alchohol, makes me shit red and shiny. Out of the question. I need something soothing, moisturizing with AHA to use with my Jojoba. I think that would make my girlfriend very happy. Please what ingredients does AHA stand for? What am I looking at on the ingredients list peeps?
  11. I dont use bp or anything just jojoba . I found AHA make face red?
  12. Hi, Im using 3 drops of jojoba oil at night then next morning im dry and flakey. When I scratch dry parts lots of flakes appear. Need UK products or any advise please. I have a GF now my personality helped please let me give her a good face. My acne is light now just require help on dry skin. I dont use anything just jojoba