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  1. I will not be without my clarisonic. It just helps make my pores very clean - I don't think it should be classified as too much of an exfoliator.
  2. I bought a cheap pack of wash cloths from target and change my washcloth everytime I was my face. I just don't want to take the chance of any bacteria growing on the very wet surface. Fortunately my boyfriend doesn't laugh (too hard) at me.
  3. Has anyone had recent experience with do-it-yourself peels like Jessner's? I have had great results from the one I received at the derms office - but have seen some Jessner kits online and think I'd like to give it a try.
  4. I third the "All recent topic's" button - sure was handy and saved alot of time! Plus less likely to miss anything. Please bring it back.
  5. Sorry, I should have mentioned, B Complex.
  6. For months I have been suffering from insomnia, and after some research found that in some people, if taken at bedtime can cause insomnia. Changed when I take it - and yup, it was causing it. So definately try taking it in the morning.
  7. I am getting ready to try a dairy free diet - going to give up my beloved glass of milk in the morning and evenings. I've read good results with some who have given it up - so this 47 year old is willing to give it a go.
  8. From all I have been reading - you should start peeling in a few days.
  9. Not tried Accutane as of yet - because of the horrible side affects I have heard can happen. I am almost to the point though - that I just might. Its so hard fighting acne AND wrinkles! lol. At least I am winning (I think) on the wrinkle front. Thanks guys!
  10. I am a 46 year old woman, with moderate acne. No matter what I do - it will not go away. I know logically that I am not a failure, that this disease is just that hard to beat. But it doesn't stop me from getting depressed. I think the people of this forum are the only ones who can understand. Those that haven't lived with it even for a few years, can't imagine what it is like to have this your entire pre-teen and adult life. Please let me know I am not alone.
  11. yeah its prolly the salt I am 39 years old. We have well water and and old water softener and my acne is blackheads/whiteheads and a few inflamed ones. My experience is the opposite, I recently went to Las Vegas to work a convention. 12 hours of stress, not eating enough, and pain from standing/walking (used to sitting behind my desk) When I am stressed I usually break out bad - I expected to this time too. But my acne only got better during the week I was there. After 36 hours at ho
  12. I use Carley's soap and scrub in the AM, and even the moisturizer. Usually when I get home from work I wash again with the Carley's soap (not scrub this time) and the put on the BP gel. I will ovetimes put the BP gel on in the AM also. Working for me!
  13. If they say something, say (politely) yes, I did notice that! I am working on it, thanks for asking.... please pass the turkey. Don't avoid it, just let them know that (duh) no you didn't not notice it and while thanks for your concern I have it coming under control.... and then gently steer them to the next conversation.