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  1. hi. I have finally found something, My face has had no pimples for about a week. I have been estatic! Tho, At home, I put make up on (foundation and powder) and then I look in the bathroom, which of a morning, Is light because of the window, and then i go to the window and hold up a small mirror, and I look alright. But then Latley, when I go to my friends house, i look in the mirror, which is infront of a mirror, and the light shines of my face i look like crap! and then i put some more make up
  2. hey, post a pic of your face and well tell you. From what oi know, You have like 3 red marks and get 1-3 pimples a day. you do 40% peels! i think your doing too much. And your only 14-16. If you just wait they will be gone in like 2 years max. Your skin will grow over the marks. so i suggest stop doing the peels. Also, Accutane has pretty shifty side effects, and i dont think a derm would give it to you (From what i have heard of you skin)
  3. hey well when i put on make up, at school i look in the mirrors and its all like on my skin, it looks all gross and heaps noticeable, I don't use much at all, i have even stopped using concealer!! I used moisteriser and a sponge. How long shall i wait between applying moisterizer and foudation? Also. when i wear water prrof foundation, i still get a dark mark under my eye Anyone know how to fix that too?
  4. accutane? your like 80% clear. I dont think accutane should even come into it. Just go to your doc and see what he says, There probably from over-washing/steaming you face, and with all thoses hearsh peels you rdoing, the glycolid strips your skin and the under skin pimples rise.
  5. http://shop.laclinica.com/Merchant2/mercha...roduct_Code=2K1 Anyone use it? looks good do you think? IM gonna buy it
  6. hey Well Theres alot of younger people doing peels. Like in their teens, I Know they wanna get rid of you marks as soon as posible, but when your younger, the marks wont be permanant, becaus eyour skin is still growing, new layers will form over the top of the red marks and they will fade in time. I just wanted to say that its much safer to let them fade, them burning them out.
  7. yea, I liked this guy and he had it, but now i like this guy and he has clear as skin, and in the back of my mind im always thinking about him not liking me for it.
  8. Yea, I use a Sponge to apply, A clean one everyday and I dont use my fingers ;) Ive used it for 3-4 days, Ive broken out, but i think thats coz its that time of the month :wacko: But only one pimple. So I guess its good. yea, I cant really tell, but its not doing anything liquid foundation didnt, I cant see any clogged pores, but ill keep a watch out.
  9. i had a topic on this but people said it didnt work I thought it look convincing but yea, i havent tried it
  10. hey I was running out of make up and thought i'd try something new, I have always thought of stick foundation to be really thick and cloggy, buts its good! Its a bit thivker i guess but yea it covers well. Its buy face of australia, for $8 bargin, it will last a while too
  11. YEa i know. Ive been looking for the neosprin but australia cant seel that, and ive been lookin for the red mark peel too. But it doesnt worke either yea. If you want a good Aloe, Go to like a health food shop or like Big W or a chemist and look for Tuesday Plantation 97.3% pure. Wonderfull moisterizer, And i think it did something to my marks Goodlcuk
  12. so do you recon, of a night just wash face with water and like a face washer?
  13. Oh no! I havent done a peel before Mabey aww sorry i ant help It will be ok! go the docs?