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  1. Good Luck Carlla! I've had several "dents" from cortisone injections over the years and they are pretty upsetting, I know this. As a matter of fact, the very first cortisone injection I ever got- a big cyst on my forehead- sunk in within 2 days!! But, as I recall, it seemed to pop back out very quickly. But then again, I was only about 28 at the time- good collagen I guess! I had another sink in event some years ago that lasted about 2 months and then, the one that really sent me over the edge w
  2. I do think women are held to different standards then men are with regards to "beauty"...but I often wonder if it is women that hold other women to those standards, and men maybe don't care as much as we do?? I don't know, been trying to figure that one out myself lately. I know that I often see male movie stars with acne scars, etc....yet, you NEVER see a female star with the same, or rarely that is. I've also often wished that I was a guy and could grow a beard to cover up these awful cysts t
  3. Hello all I've got a cyst on my chin that I let come to a head ( actually, there were 2 heads....ick)- finally got some stuff to come out of it this morning by gently squeezing- some pus and blood. Problem is, the darned thing hasn't gone down at all and still look swollen and icky....I am taking minocycline 100mg 2x day..and I took 3 ibuprofen this morning. NOTHING!!! IT LOOKS JUST AS BAD!!! I am wondering whether to break down and call the derm for an injection although I HATE injections as I
  4. yup- I am almost primarily plagued by chin acne at this point in my life. At the moment, I've got 3 whoppers. Man oh man...it IS such a drag. I have had the most success with a combination of Microdermabrasion 1xmonth plus Avage. When I first began to do that, I stayed almost completely clear for about 9 months. But then, the microderm got soooo expensive that i couldn't afford to keep it up and they chin cysts returned. I tend to stay clear during the summer months and not during fall/winter- d
  5. I've been noticing for the last several years that I will stay almost 100% clear from about April-August...then, come about late September, early October, the chin cysts return with a VENGEANCE!!! Is this possible- that I get seasonal acne flares?? It isn't that I wear less makeup in the summer- I usually wear makeup every single day no matter what the season- except if I'm on the beach and then i've got sunscreen slathered on so...... SO FRUSTRATING!!!
  6. I feel like cryin' often, girl....so I understand your pain...I'm in my early 40's and have also been dealing with acne of one form or another since age 13. I seemed to clear spontaneously in my 20's and then the hormonal cysts started in my 30's, after my two kids were born...I"ve used antibiotics, done microdermabrasion and tazorac ( that combo kept me clear for about 8 months) and have recently begun to take spironolactone....if that doesn't work, I"m on to accutane The thing is, I only g
  7. What is nicomide? Never heard of it.....is it a steroid??? Curious as to what the active ingredient is...
  8. I've had that happen on numerous occasions and they have always gone away....Now,they can stick around for a month or two, but they do eventually fill back in...My derm also told me to use retin-a or tazorac on them if they do that... and not to worry, I know it looks HUGE to you, but very likely, folks aren't scrutinizing you and hardly notice...
  9. probably something you need to ask the derm....I wouldn't think you'd want to take both together though since both can cause dryness and reduced oil...I"m taking spiro only and after 3 weeks, I"m feeling dryer, skin feels kinda "tight" on my face and is a bit red...
  10. Hey all I just figured I"d post about my first three weeks on Spironolactone, for anyone who is interested...I'm currently taking 50 mg....( one 25 mg twice a day, with food) WEEK ONE: first couple of days, I didn't really feel much...then, after the first week, I was definitely feeling lethargic, dry mouth, almost flu-like, and had NO APPETITE WHATSOEVER... Not a sick type of non-appetite, more like a "food? what's that?" kind of non-appetite...It also took away my thirst mechanism somewhat
  11. Any steroid cream should only be used for a very short period of time on the face....at least that's what I always was told by my derm..Short term, they can reduce redness, but then apparently can actually cause acne if used too much.. I don't know what finacea gel is, sorry :redface: But, I really do think that it sounds like you have rosacea, and going to a doctor and getting it treated with the right meds will make all the difference in the world.. My daughter got what they call "perior
  12. Thanks. Yeah, I thought about the dehydration thing after I posted that. I will definitely try to drink more..I"m one of those people who never drinks enough to begin with, so your right, I MUST drink enough now that I"m on a med that is a diuretic... :doh: you'dve thought I"d think of that right away!!! yeesh... As far as the gastric stuff..yeah, it's strange because my stomach doesn't feel the least bit upset, it's more like a total loss of appetitie!! not a sick loss of appetite, more like
  13. Hey Beagle13!! Yeah, I wanna avoid accutane too. It just seems like trying to stomp out an anthill with a bazooka, ya know? Not to minimize my cysts, 'cause when I get them, they SUCK...but I only get 2-3 bad ones a year...((sigh)) I don't know, this is all so hard to figure out... I wonder, however, whether I should consider BCP's....thought I don't need them 'cause my hubbie had a vasectomy and I've had uterine ablation to treat really heavy periods so I can't get pregnant no matter what any
  14. I just started spriro a week ago....25 mg twice a day, which I see by reading this forum, is a low dose..Anywho...I've had some symptoms that I wonder if they are related... One, I have NO appetite whatsoever...I don't feel nauseous or anything like that, it's like I just have NO interest in food, I don't even think about it unless my stomach starts hurting from hunger....strange.. Also, I've got a terrible stiff and sore neck...so much so that I cannot even move my head up/down or side to side.