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  1. Only treretinoids can help you, stop everything else. I was on Roaccutane because nothing else seemed to help. Got rid of them all with it, just ate my last pills and im pretty certain they will return after a while. I would like to continue with topical tretinoids, but with the oncoming Summer it might be a bad idea..:(

    Squeezing them is completely useless, it will return within 2 weeks and you will get a lot of red marks that last a long time.

  2. Human tissue doesen't magnetize well, so this treatment is 100% BS. RF is magic to 95% of populace, so people wonder if the magic can cure the Acne too, hey, it enables you to listen music while moving, why not!!

    Skip this, you are being ripped off thats for sure. Only way i could think electromagnetic waves could have any impact on you, is by heat. If you apply extremely strong EM radiation, then the weak tissue magnet grabs 1% from that, which is then transformed into current -> heat. If you want to try this out, put your head inside microwave oven, that'll pop the zits!

  3. About 2 months have passed, been eating 60mg:s for 2 weeks now.

    My temples have been breaking out for weeks now and my forehead too. Nothing major, but they appear very suddenly and in numbers, in a couple of hours which is kinda annoying. Neck and cheeks have cleared up, no red marks visible anymore. I am hoping that the current breakout will stop before end of this year, as i am going snowboarding for a week. Lots of chicks and single moms there..;)

    Back of my hands have some sort of rash going on, i have to lotion them few times a day to keep it down. Other than that there has been no new side-effects . Cholesterol levels are rising, but still well withing normal limits. Blood pressure has gotten couple of notches higher than it used to be.

    I got a new job also, pays rather well, but good nightvision is needed. I hope Accutane has not impaired it.

  4. 1½ months passed, saw my dermatologist today and she upped me to 60mg/day (0,7mg/kg). She noted that my progress has been substantially fast, cant disagree with her..:)

    I still got pimples coming to the surface, but they are all very small and easily popped. Almost all of the old red marks have been faded away, its hard to believe how things have changed so fast. I no longer have to worry about my face at all, its really strange feeling to watch yourself at the mirror and see yourself from it and not some ugly pimpleface.

    Skin has become very fragile and it shines like plastic after i take shower. But its not dry, no moisturizing is needed.

  5. First month of my accutane medication just passed. The results have been extremely pleasing and i so far experience only minor side-effects (lips peeling off, not much else), most of which are nothing compared to what OTC topicals tend to create.

    I suffered regular breakouts, especially on my neck, below jawline. The breakout could last for several weeks, on worst days i would wake up with 10 ready-to-pop pimples on my neck and when coming home from work, another 10 would be ready to serve. Pimples were just below the surface, so scarring was not problem at all. Nevertheless red ugly marks would stay on my neck for months and usually by the time they were almost faded away, another breakout was waiting to happen. I tried several different types of OTC remedies, different acids and Retin-A without _any_ sign of relief. The only topical that was somewhat helpfull was BP, but it is not very well suited for soft skin at the neck and i dont believe it is that healthy to use for extended perioids with the "smear" method that most of us utilize.

    The keratin production on my face is just insane. However, i never had problems with greasy skin. The sebum has to go somewhere, so when its not coming out, it stays in. This led me to have very rough skin, littered with small bumps that would show up especially on tilted lightsources. When i squeeze such bump, the sebum comes out from it by extremely small entrance, the flow of sebum seems like neverending white hair bursting out. After few days, the bump would already start to fill up again. To sum it up, small pores combined with big sebum production is bad!

    Accutane stopped this from day one. Most of the stuff has now come out from my skin and no new ones are forming, with the exception of my forehead which shows small activity. My neck is almost totally clear and my cheeks show no activity. My forehead which, altough littered with bumps, had rarely pimples, is now oozing out the stuff like no end. My dosage will be upped from current 40mg (i weigh little under 90kg) to 60 or 80mg:s very soon, which i hope will kill it off. I dont care about hefty pricetag, if it would cost 3 times as much tomorrow, i would work 3 times harder to get the sum.

    This is not the only benefit. I have been able to skip daily showers, but my skin doesent look or feel dirty at all! I might even skip multiple showers on row if i wanted (other hygiene is taken into consideration..:) ), my skin just feels refreshed all the time. Skipping harsh soap treatments seems to really help with the healing as the young skin on the ex-pimples is very vulnearable for touching when its moist. All in all, im extremely satisfied with this product so far. It delivers everything it promises and more. It relieves a lot off stress from my shoulders, when i can focus on what i am doing and not how my bumps and pimples are showing off.

    I will keep on posting with relaxed timeframe. Thanks goes to this community, without it i would still be using Clerasil.. :wall:

  6. In northern Europe, public healthcare derms are booked for months ahead. But as i really dont care about money when helping my acne, i just called for private derm and got appointment ½h ahead. I was like "You mean 11.00 TODAY, in THIS MONTH?!". Having to wait for months to get help for something as serious as acne, is a crime IMO.

  7. Its been 2 weeks and my lips peeled off few days ago, damn this drug is serious business! My sebum production has completely stopped on my face. For example i cannot squeeze anything out from my small nose glands. My skin has gotten dry, but its not flaking, no moisturizer needed. I do not get any new small whiteheads, but i still am in the process of getting the old ones out. Skin doesent definetly heal very well anymore, i have to apply neosporin to suppress the red marks. Scalp is itching, i have to get something for that.

    I broke out last weekend pretty well, but it died out along the week. Results have been super fast and im only eating <0,5mg/kg.

  8. I was panic-attack sufferer few years back, it was really bad. If you ever start to get consistent panic attacks, seek medical help immidiately as it can start to grow on you easily. Small dose of relaxing medications before going in "bad" situations cured me from that completely. Havent had single one as far as i can remember.

  9. I went to private dermatologist and she prescribed me accutane after a long talk. I think it helped that i had been on antibiotics some 3 years before and have tried numerous over the counter and prescription topicals. My biggest problem isnt breakouts, but small noninflamed closed glands which show as < pinhead sized bumps on my face. Especially below the jawline, they make my skin look very rough even than i dont have any scarring to mention. On certain lights my skin looks hideous imo.

    She said that that it will clear all of my breakouts probably for good, but she was uncertain that my bumps would not return after i stop eating the pills. Because accutane often slows down the amount of keratin production for good, im sure that they will be much less visible atleast (give me some hope please!). I will insist on going for second round if they return even in smaller extent, they seriously impair my psyche.

    I'm slightly over 85kg and i started popping the pills this saturday with 40mg per day. After month i will be upped to 80mg methinks. My labs came out as exceptionally good (so she said), so there will be no objection on that part for upping the amount. Its funny that i sit most of my day in front of computer and smoke, but all of my physical health indicators have been far better than the average citizen time and time again!

    I can feel it starting to make my skin dry and my lips too. I bought good lip moisturizer which she recommend and it seems to work for now. How long does it take to reach the peak of the side-effects? I will keep posting about my status.

  10. Could someone please explain the scientific way, how the things your liver filters out end up to your face!? How can somebody claim hormonal imbalances, when there is no paper say, that in fact hormonal levels are severely impacted? All the uncertanity over this subject just underlines the fact, that the whole theory is made up and no research has been done for this matter.

  11. I have couple of pictures in my album of my face (partial).


    If anyone knows how to treat them properly, let me know. Im pretty sure they appeared as i was on BP regimen for 1-2 years. Got rid of most inflammation, but..They are mix of closed & open comedones. If i do not touch them, they just sit there and rarely produce pimple on their own. However its impossibe to resist squeezing them as they do grow bigger over time (talking in scale of several weeks).

  12. No, they are NOT MILIA. I have exactly the same thing that you guys/girls have. Im going to try the rubber mask that MirrorMirror suggested.

    The magic with the bumps is, that you usually cannot see them from bathroom mirrors which might lead you to think that they are not visible. Reason is, that the light at bathrooms comes from so many directions (reflections & soft bulbs in different locations), the bumps dont have shading (shadows/illuminations) on them.

    But sunlight is oh so different, its pointy light. When it shines on your face from rear (worst angle) of your cheeks, you do not want to see how it looks. All small imperfections get aggrevated and the bumps will look like you have Lepper on your face. After you figure this out by looking in your mirror at natural light that comes from different angles, it will change your way of looking things forever.

    Actually its fun to see that many beauty queens in movies & etc. have this problem to a degree. Before i didnt even notice it on myself or on anybody elses, but now its different story..I must get rid of this thing, i'm starting to get obsessed with it..Everytime i talk with someone face to face and he is looking somewhere on my face (other than my eyes), i wonder if he is looking at my bumps. Also the awarnes of lights direction will soon grow neurotic on me, i swear.

  13. I cant think of any other topic in the world that has so many mythical aspects and silly-self-research going on than acne.

    First of all there are like 20 different types of acne and every one of them can affect different areas. If you have "bad skin", it breaks out very easily. If your parents dont have acne, it means you PROBABLY wont get it either. "good skin" people (which can be your relatives), can go 1 month without washing themselfs and they do not get even one single bump on their body. If you try that, you will probably gain access to Ripleys show.

    It is in genes, proteins and hormones. There isnt one single cause for acne, it is probably caused by varying combinations of biological mechanisms. The dirt or hygiene plays the secondary role, it can make some difference but it will not make you clear. For example i was 2 years on BP regimen and it helped to lessen the inflammation of comedones. But now that i had to ditch it i have serious problem with non-inflammatory closed/open small comedones, which show as small bumps on my skin. No amount of washing or hygiene will help on them, as they are not infected, just filled with the **** that my pores produce too rapidly.

    So stop the witch doctoring and go beg for the few reliable medicines from your doctor. They dont, of course, prescribe anything worthwhile, not until you look like the Elephant Man. Any other disease in this world gets appropiate prescriptions but if you have acne you have to beg for effective drugs.