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  1. Only treretinoids can help you, stop everything else. I was on Roaccutane because nothing else seemed to help. Got rid of them all with it, just ate my last pills and im pretty certain they will return after a while. I would like to continue with topical tretinoids, but with the oncoming Summer it might be a bad idea.. Squeezing them is completely useless, it will return within 2 weeks and you will get a lot of red marks that last a long time.
  2. Human tissue doesen't magnetize well, so this treatment is 100% BS. RF is magic to 95% of populace, so people wonder if the magic can cure the Acne too, hey, it enables you to listen music while moving, why not!! Skip this, you are being ripped off thats for sure. Only way i could think electromagnetic waves could have any impact on you, is by heat. If you apply extremely strong EM radiation, then the weak tissue magnet grabs 1% from that, which is then transformed into current -> heat. If y
  3. About 2 months have passed, been eating 60mg:s for 2 weeks now. My temples have been breaking out for weeks now and my forehead too. Nothing major, but they appear very suddenly and in numbers, in a couple of hours which is kinda annoying. Neck and cheeks have cleared up, no red marks visible anymore. I am hoping that the current breakout will stop before end of this year, as i am going snowboarding for a week. Lots of chicks and single moms there.. Back of my hands have some sort of rash goin
  4. 1½ months passed, saw my dermatologist today and she upped me to 60mg/day (0,7mg/kg). She noted that my progress has been substantially fast, cant disagree with her.. I still got pimples coming to the surface, but they are all very small and easily popped. Almost all of the old red marks have been faded away, its hard to believe how things have changed so fast. I no longer have to worry about my face at all, its really strange feeling to watch yourself at the mirror and see yourself from it
  5. First month of my accutane medication just passed. The results have been extremely pleasing and i so far experience only minor side-effects (lips peeling off, not much else), most of which are nothing compared to what OTC topicals tend to create. I suffered regular breakouts, especially on my neck, below jawline. The breakout could last for several weeks, on worst days i would wake up with 10 ready-to-pop pimples on my neck and when coming home from work, another 10 would be ready to serve. Pi
  6. In northern Europe, public healthcare derms are booked for months ahead. But as i really dont care about money when helping my acne, i just called for private derm and got appointment ½h ahead. I was like "You mean 11.00 TODAY, in THIS MONTH?!". Having to wait for months to get help for something as serious as acne, is a crime IMO.
  7. Its been 2 weeks and my lips peeled off few days ago, damn this drug is serious business! My sebum production has completely stopped on my face. For example i cannot squeeze anything out from my small nose glands. My skin has gotten dry, but its not flaking, no moisturizer needed. I do not get any new small whiteheads, but i still am in the process of getting the old ones out. Skin doesent definetly heal very well anymore, i have to apply neosporin to suppress the red marks. Scalp is itching, i
  8. I was panic-attack sufferer few years back, it was really bad. If you ever start to get consistent panic attacks, seek medical help immidiately as it can start to grow on you easily. Small dose of relaxing medications before going in "bad" situations cured me from that completely. Havent had single one as far as i can remember.
  9. I went to private dermatologist and she prescribed me accutane after a long talk. I think it helped that i had been on antibiotics some 3 years before and have tried numerous over the counter and prescription topicals. My biggest problem isnt breakouts, but small noninflamed closed glands which show as < pinhead sized bumps on my face. Especially below the jawline, they make my skin look very rough even than i dont have any scarring to mention. On certain lights my skin looks hideous imo. Sh
  10. Could someone please explain the scientific way, how the things your liver filters out end up to your face!? How can somebody claim hormonal imbalances, when there is no paper say, that in fact hormonal levels are severely impacted? All the uncertanity over this subject just underlines the fact, that the whole theory is made up and no research has been done for this matter.
  11. If its natural, its 99.9% probability a scam. Dont buy it. Often the natural products claim to cure things, because there is no testing needed nor any medical requirements have to be fulfilled. Curiously the natural potions are always things that are associated as being "potent". They never claim that some assweed can cure things...
  12. Northernsky


    Not milia, just clogged pores. Im thinking about extrafoliator of some sorts.
  13. I have couple of pictures in my album of my face (partial). Bumps If anyone knows how to treat them properly, let me know. Im pretty sure they appeared as i was on BP regimen for 1-2 years. Got rid of most inflammation, but..They are mix of closed & open comedones. If i do not touch them, they just sit there and rarely produce pimple on their own. However its impossibe to resist squeezing them as they do grow bigger over time (talking in scale of several weeks).
  14. Northernsky


    Gross bumps on my face
  15. Anything that says traditional chinese medication is scam with 99.9% probability.
  16. No, they are NOT MILIA. I have exactly the same thing that you guys/girls have. Im going to try the rubber mask that MirrorMirror suggested. The magic with the bumps is, that you usually cannot see them from bathroom mirrors which might lead you to think that they are not visible. Reason is, that the light at bathrooms comes from so many directions (reflections & soft bulbs in different locations), the bumps dont have shading (shadows/illuminations) on them. But sunlight is oh so differ
  17. I cant think of any other topic in the world that has so many mythical aspects and silly-self-research going on than acne. First of all there are like 20 different types of acne and every one of them can affect different areas. If you have "bad skin", it breaks out very easily. If your parents dont have acne, it means you PROBABLY wont get it either. "good skin" people (which can be your relatives), can go 1 month without washing themselfs and they do not get even one single bump on their body.
  18. I would be skeptical about this one. If you want to buy 10 red LEDS for 200$ you can page me.. Cause thats what it is, pulsed red light and i bet it doesent have any real effect besides blasebo.