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  1. I agree and disagree with your post. It all depends on the severity of the side effects you experience. I took Amnesteem from October '05 to March '06 - 80mg/day the entire time. During the treatment, I experienced back pain/dry lips/nose bleeds. The only side effect I still have on occasion are dry lips. I play collegiate ice hockey and played during my treatment, and saw no difference in my performance or how I felt physically. Different people have different tolerance levels when it come
  2. HA, that's funny. When I was on accutane I literally showered 2 to 3 times a day just because I knew I had to wash my face. Now I shower like once every 2 days because my face is clear/doesnt get dry. Kinda gross but yeah...
  3. Not so much redness, but my lips are still chapped like crazy. How long till this wears off? (Stopped taking amnesteem on March 18th)
  4. My forehead was really the only NON acne-prone area pre-accutane. I'm about 2 months post-tane and havent broken out yet. You will not be disappointed.
  5. Good News. Just came back from the derm today, and not only is she upping my dose from 60mg/day to 80mg, but she's also letting me stay on for an extra month. I'm not sure if this is a great idea healthwise, but I don't care at this point.
  6. OK, so I'm in my 5th and final month of Accutane (Amnesteem actually), and I'm STILL breaking out. My forehead and nose are completely clear, and in my opinion are immune to breaking out, but I'm still getting deep zits (not cysts) around my jawline and along my sideburns close to my ears. As you can see I'm not very optimistic about the final results. Does the Accutane still "do its thing" whenever you stop taking it? Should I be using a BP facewash? My lips have taken a beating, but my face h
  7. HA, funny you mention this. I just had 2 gigantic ingrown toenails on each big toe. I've NEVER had them before, so I'm assuming it's Accutane related? I don't really pick my toenails or keep them too short either. They hurt like a bitch when you finally rip the ingrown part out.
  8. I'm in month 4 and STILL having breakouts, so I'm pessimistic about the treatment length as well. I've been on 60mg a day throughout, and I would have figured that by now I'd stop breaking out. Maybe this is normal? I don't know, but I'm not having a positive outlook on Accutane....
  9. i agtree I disagree. Some people never get that dry while on Accutane. I'm one of them; I'm in month 4 and my face hasn't gotten dry hardly at all.
  10. I wear contacts as well and my eyes have been fine throughout (almost through month 3) My biggest side effect complaint is constant bloody noses because the skin inside my nose is basically raw and way sensitive...Pretty annoying
  11. if youre on accutane, all of your blackheads will disappear by like the 5th or 6th week at least mine did.
  12. Ok so I've been on Amnesteem for about 50 days or so now and wanted to post how it's been so far. I apologize for not having any pictures to get a good idea how my progress has been. I will get some soon. To summarize, I've had persistant moderate acne for about 2 years (since early 2004), and after wasting a year of my life revisiting the derm and trying useless creams/antibiotics, I finally demanded Accutane. I'll start off with the bad, all of which are tolerable and seem to be overexagger
  13. I kinda disagree. I only use mosturizer on arms and hands. My face hasn't gotten dry at all since I've started Accutane 5 weeks ago. I noticed that applying mosturizer to face made it oily, and I'm pretty sure that's what makes me break out.
  14. I'm about 5 weeks in as well and my face is hardly dry at all. I don't even really need to use mosturizer. I have noticed however that my hands and arms get really dry.
  15. Only 20mg a week? That seems weird considering most people take 3X/4X that per DAY