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  1. any information about great treatments of hypertrohic scars?
  2. I think sometimes we need a psychologist or something like that. Maybe he can help with all this. I know is a lot of difficult, but the death is not the solution
  3. What is ReaLemon? The best results is with natural lemon, squeezed at the moment
  4. Good luck bonitalolita, and please keep us informated!
  5. Info-blizzard: The safety of this treatment has been discuted sometimes here. I think that the most important point is how your skin works with it, that is, if you have a very sensitive skin maybe this will damage it.
  6. Try any cream with vitamin A at least.
  7. Vinegar = acid, you will need to dilute it with water to avoid the risk of damagin the skin. You can try, at the first, with one part of vinegar and three parts of water, and later increase to one of vinegar and two of water if you see that you don't get high redness
  8. Yes, they can be hiperpigmentation. try to search on the forum with this keyword.
  9. Denise2 i agree with you. When the head is visible, if you pop it scar will not appear. Maybe redness if the head was so big. Anyway, i recommend to use alcohol after pop it.
  10. I think 70% is too much of glicolic acid, i always thought that more than 45-50 can only be used by doctors, anyone knows about it?
  11. Yes, light sometimes gives a different look to your face. Usually, when you wake up you have nice skin too, and with cold temperatures too.
  12. Usually, cystic acne leaves scars with or without touching the pimples. all the scars that i have are from cystic pimples
  13. hi again to all!!!!!! 8 months using vinegar all days, minium of two applications. I have to say that the skin is a smoother, but when de scar is medium-big it doesn't works. Ice-pick scars 0% effectivity. With the red marks, the results are very good, i think vinegar helps me a lot (because is the only thing i'm using). i have to mention that i don't use lemon, and maybe that is a lot of important too