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    Good morning, I have been on the AHA for a week now. I utilize it 2-3 times a week during the pm only. I have experienced a lasting stinging sensation which subsides after 10 minutes. So far, I do like the outcome. My face has a smoother look and feel to it. Iv'e noticed the acne scarring on my face is lightening as well. Very pleased.
  2. LSMJ

    4Th Week

    Good morning! I am clear and excited about it! Amazing how confidence increases with beautiful skin. I have noticed my acne scarring is lightening as well. I am so pleased with the products. I did incorporate Jojobal Oil into my regimen; however, I only put it around my eye and mouth area to prevent dryness. Oh, by I am using the full amount of the BP. Additionally, my face is not as oily as it was prior to starting the Regimen. Next week I will incorporate the AHA at night.
  3. LSMJ

    2Nd Week

    Today completes my second week on the Regimen. Per the instructions I increased the BP. During this week I noticed the drying effect of the BP, which is not a problem for me because normally I have extremely oily skin. Additionally, I experienced some flaking near my jawline and chin area; however, it wasn't really noticable and hasn't created any issues for me. My skin is looking absolutely great! I am very well pleased with the results. These products came at a perfect time in my life!
  4. LSMJ

    1St Week

    Hello, I heard about the Regimen about a month ago; however, I was hesitate to try it due to other failed treatments. After dealing with more breakouts everyday, I figured I would give the Regimen a try. Today I have completed my first week and I am more than satisfied. The existing pimples (which were many) that were on my face seemed to vanish daily. It was actually unbelievable! Although I have some acne scarring from previous breakouts, my skin is currently about 80% smooth. Also, I want to