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  1. just thought i would come and tell people who are thinking about takin accutance or are on it how mine went well it was horrible being on it, my face was really really red and my lips were do dry and flaky it was horrible but after 6 months i think my skin was 100% clear! it stayed like this for about half a year with no spots AT ALL. but gradually my spots returned with just one ocasionly but building up over time, now i have about 3 active spots an a few red marks... but that is nothing com
  2. my friend scratched me really gently bout 4 months ago n i still hav a scar... lol but dont worry cuz that was really random n its teh only time it ahs happened 2 me but i do get like long scratched over me but they go
  3. HEY i didn't even spell that much wrong you stupid idiot, anyway; thank you people for answering, do you think that 300mg will effect it? I'm scared. Was that good enough grammar for you?
  4. hey im a 15 year old boy n ivbe jus finished accutane n im worried if it will cum bak, so i wanna no if i got da overall dose... i weight 130 pounds i had 12 boxes of 30 tablets n each 1 was 20mg, so i had... 7200mg i tink, but i aint sure, so iw as wonderin if any1 wud b nice n help me 2 no if i hav da correct amount 4 ma weight n stuff... thanx y'all
  5. im jealous ive always wanted a nose bleed n i got all da other side effects but not dat!!!
  6. ive just started dribbling alot, anyone else or am i just a relect? it might just b because im strange
  7. well i drunk on tane an was fine but i had only ust started it. then i went 2 a party an i had a few shots of vodka, well quite alot an i was sick an everythin an i had my 1st hangove eva the next day an it was horrible, ive neva had 1 b4 in ma life, but im still young, anyway, but im not blamin the tane... well i am cuz i cud prob hav drunk that much an not bin sick but i cant really remember how much i had so i prob had more cuz it was all a blur then i had a fear of vodka an just seeing it ma
  8. hey thanx ppl but how long wil i av 2 wait b4 i can go in the sun agen without sunscreen an exfoliate
  9. i dont get how any1 can say red marks r worse! acne is red but it also sticks out an hurts an can have a yellow head an is just generally worse sure the marks stay 4 longer but acne can stay 4 ages 2 an acne can lead 2 red marks so they r soooooooo much worse, i dotn hav any acne anymore an i am full of red marks an dont like it but wen u tink about i wud much much much rather hav marks than it an i saw a photo yesterday of wen i had acne (went on accutane) an it was shockin lol.
  10. well ive nearly finished accutane an im not that impressed... it got rid of all my acne an stuff but! i still hav loads of red amrkls an i thought my face wud b amazin wen i finished but o no... llol i was on 60mg an im a skinny 15 year old boy 4 like 4 months. so ppl wen do teh side effects go liekw en can i go sunbathin an drink maself silly an not hav 2 put vasseline on an stuff plz help
  11. well i went an he sed i cud hav it so i went 2 the doc the next day an did my blood test an picked up teh accutane at the same time an i didnt hav 2 go back to the derm 4 like 2 months but i think i had a crap derm so u mite hav a good 1, if he moves really slow an annoyingly an he is in blackpool then its the same 1!
  12. hey, can i just say, i dont think people with acne hav more testosterone than most cuz im a boy an im not exactly masculine an i have acne! lol, an all the butch boys wud hav acne wudnt they?