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  1. www.acne.org ...find dans regimen here free of cost trust my word he is a real good guy.
  2. try dans regimen it really works great.i would say give it a full blooded shot for atleast two months.put in your total effort and i can tell u its perhaps the best thing that works.also read the success stories and what to expect page .come what may just go on for about 10-12 weeks and if ur acne is any where near moderate it will improve dramatically.i m talking out of personal experience.thank dan on my behalf when u r clear which u will be.amen.
  3. i have been on the regimen for over two months now and have seen satisfactory improvement.....how ever there is a thin layer of apparent dead skin on my face which i m afraid is blocking the release of oil from my pores.................no amount of gentle scrubbing seems to help....am i in serious trouble?
  4. thanks for the advice.......u guys r really kind... does applying sa on bp reduces its effectiveness i mean i dont get irritated by using a sa moisturiser is it ok to carry on....
  5. i am on the regimen and notice that no matter how much i try there is a lot of dead skin that stays on the skin after washing....it comes off when i apply bp.i m afrais it enters my pores with the bp...is it true or is it just a wild imagination...
  6. in india it is called ultra clearasil......also u can try looking for other products with benzoyl peroxide....ask ur pharmasist he would know products with benzoyl peroxide.....benzac ac is one such product in gel form...
  7. hi i have been using the clean and clear moisturiser which has salyclylic acid as one of its ingredients.........i dont seem to get irritated at all...is it ok to put sa on bp...
  8. thanks for the advice.but u wont believe it....in india clearasil sells for 50 rupees which is just 1.3 us dollars getting it shipped will cost a whole lot .anyway is clearasil in any way different except for the fact that it is 5%
  9. hi.i live in india and the only bp cream with similar contents to neutrogena on the spot is clearasil with 5% bp.the following are the contents mentioned on the pack bp 5% bentonite methyl paraben(preservative) proplyparaben(preservative) does it work well in the regimen.....
  10. please dont mind but i get this little doubt.i have been following the site for about a month now but find no new success stories.has dan stopped posting the success stories?or r there no new success stories atall.....(no disrespect intended to a nice person like dan)....... [-X
  11. hi.i have been on the regimen for over one and a half months with mixed results.just a week ago i replaced my oil free (l,oreal)moisturiser in favour of clean and clear oil free moisturizing lotion and it dosent seem to irritate me.is it ok to go on?i meen does salyclic acid make acne worse like retino-a? dan....any one please help.....does salyclic acid neutralise the effect of bp? please give ur suggestions