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  1. Hey guys!! Gosh it sure has been a long time! I've been busy with life, I guess. I can't believe so much time has gone by.....I hope I'm posting this right, so much has changed with this site. Anyway, quick update on me.....face is relatively clear, no cystic acne at all since finishing my second round of accutane. I am still taking the spiro, though only 25 mgs or so a day. It's such a small dose, but it's just enough to keep most of the tiny pimples away. I was up to 100 mg. a day, but
  2. Hi guys!! Wow, I can't believe how long it's been since I last posted...... Cat, about the spiro.....as I was plucking a stray hair one day, it hit me that maybe I should give the spiro another try, so I started taking it again and nothing bad happened. In fact, I've been taking it for a few weeks now and so far I'm doing fine. I went in for a checkup last week and the derm upped my dose to 75mg a day and gave me tons of retin-a micro samples (yeah, I know, I about fell out)....she gave me t
  3. Howdy guys! Where is everyone? Actually, I almost forgot about this place because my face has been clear......knock wood. Cat, how are you doing? Michael, are you still clear? At 9 weeks post, the oil is returning to my face...but I'm learning to like that? Hope everyone is doing well!
  4. Hey Cat!!! Glad you had a good time in Cancun.....I was thinking about you and wondering if your house was floating away in the bay due to all the rain????? Anyway, I can't wait for school to be out so we can head to the beach! So far, my skin is doing ok. Every now and then I'll get a "twinge" and fear a zit is trying to surface.... The oil is returning.....my hair is trying to grow back, though it does look like it has a little wave to it (Michael). The redness is still fading out, b
  5. :redface: Cat, we considered layering my hair, but it's too thin....I'd look bald. I've often thought about shaving my head like Natalie......get rid of the years of highlights, etc......but I'm too chicken. Glad to hear your "comb wound" is gone!
  6. Michael, you're a bad boy. HAIR. Pulling up HAIR. And I tried to put myself low in the gutter on that one but I still couldn't figure out what you might have interpreted from "pulling it up a lot this summer...." ????? :naughty:
  7. where is everyone? out enjoying this beautiful spring weather? aaaaachooooooo My hair is really short. I'm starting to have major anxiety about it..... I think I'll be pulling it up a lot this summer........
  8. WEEK 6 Post Accutane Well, so far so good! I'm still clear and my dark eye bags are starting to disappear! My hair is still really thin though. I had 4 inches cut off the other day and hopefully my hair will start to thicken up again. It got REALLY bad. No Kidding. I've been using Nioxin for about 3 weeks now. Anyway, I guess that's what I'll be working on now...my hair! But I'm extremely happy with my skin so far. Maybe the second time did it! I hope everyone is doing well with their
  9. Michael: I do believe you're right about 10CC....bah bah bah bah bah bahhhhhh..... Wow, Betts. Will to Power did that song when I was a teenager......er, back in the day. Weren't they a kind of "one hit wonder" band? Well, I got 4 inches cut off yesterday. Yep. Officially the shortest hair I've had in close to 15 years. Just 2 months ago I had 3 inches cut off and another 4 yesterday, so it's pretty short, for me anyway. I'm ok with it. I just hope it grows thicker soon. Looking bac
  10. Cat, my hair is about 19 inches long (crown to end).....and I have bangs that thankfully have grown longer! That's sort of what I'm struggling with...how much to cut off.....I don't want to go above the shoulders, but my problem is that I have 1-2 inch growth all over my head.....surrounded by long strands of hair. I'm definitely getting it cut this week, but I just need to find a new style I'm comfortable with...a new SHORT style. I've had long hair forever, so, it'll be a big change. But
  11. Michael: didn't I tell you I'm REALLY a man? Actually, I'll probably LOOK like one if I get all my hair whacked off. So, NO, Cat, I haven't done that yet. I'm still trying to talk myself into it.......
  12. Hey guys! Well, I worked a whole weekend of racing and my face is still clear! My hair is still screwed up though... I think I'm going to have it whacked this week. Like above the shoulders whacked. It just looks so thin and stringy. Cat, glad to hear you're finally getting that comb wound fixed. I hope it heals nicely and disappears....... Anyway, my lips feel great, too! I still use the aquaphor though.....only at night. And my eyes aren't red anymore! YAY! Hopefully the accuta
  13. Cat, I will if you will?????????? ( i love this guy )
  14. Cat, thanks for posting the info on spiro. If I ever get the urge to take the stuff again I'll be sure to read that again......funny my derm said it would DECREASE facial hair? And I believe that part about the breasts enlargement......mine were sore after only two pills (too much info?) I've been dying to use that little guy though!! Michael, I think you're right about the hair breaking off.....mine anyway. My hair breaks if you LOOK at it hard. I've been thinking of getting it lo
  15. Hey everybody! Beth, good to hear from you again! Cat, I don't think I'll be taking the spiro.... I asked the pharmacist to keep it on file just in case I get BRAVE. I really don't need it right now, and I'm not really sure it'll do much for me. My eyes are turning red just thinking about oily eyelids...... Sorry about the v Cat. I think of it everytime I see my Clinique comb....... I wished that mineral stuff worked for me......I just can't seem to get the color/coverage right. I al