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  1. Need to hear someone who greatly benefited from the drug instead of hearing all negative stuff all the time? Go to this link. It includes pictures, so you can see the progress that this girl went through with Accutane, and the results, well you'll see. Thye speak for themselves. http://jmhpr.tripod.com/accutanediary/id2.html
  2. Wow! Did i ever go through a bad initial outbreak! About 8 days into the medication it came, and it was rough, but I cleared up slowly after that. My derm just increased my medication, and he said it would bring another bad outbreak, but a few months of bad skin is worth a few years, if not a lifetime, of clear skin, dontcha think? My advice to all Accutane users, be patient and think about the long-term effects of what this drug can do for you! Don't expect an overnight miracle. For emergencies
  3. I'm on Accutane now, for 5 weeks, and i was just wondering, when should I expect to get really bad side effects? My lips are really dry right now and my face is a little dry, but not so bad. I DID go through a bad initial outbreak, but no back pain, or anything else. Does it happen to everyone?
  4. Don't panic! This happens very often. Alot of times, 22 courses are required to get rid of it. I know so many people who had great success with the drug and it came back, but after a 2nd course, it was gone for good. Don't get down. besides, it's only 5 months. I know that seems like an eternity when you want to go out and have a good time with your friends without worrying about your face, but I just started Accutane 5 weeks ago, and it flew by! I'm trying to be optimistic as possible. I know
  5. ~C~ DO NOT get discouraged. Accutane doesn't even begin to work in some people until they are finished with the course. I know it's frustrating, but you've come so far! I just started Accutane 4 weeks ago because it worked so well for my neighbor, but he didn't clear up completely until he was off the standard 20 week course. Vitamin E really does help with red marks. I take 800 I.U.'s of it each day. (A 400 I.U. geltab in the morning and one at night) Don't go above that though because 800
  6. Thanks for all the advice, ya'll~ I really appreciate it! God bless you! I pray that He blesses each of you!
  7. The Clinda gel..Is it supposed to make you break out really bad at first, or is that the Cleocin...? My face is breaking out like crazy!!!!Help!! I was wrong when I told you in my last post that I was using Cleocin. I'm using Clindamycin gel in the morning
  8. Thanks. My derm just put me on Accutane. he really thinks it will work. Hopefully, I'll be clear in 4-5 months. We'll see...Thanks for your help..
  9. Thanks for your advice. I started Ortho about 2 weeks ago, but I just recently broke out really bad. My derm wants to put me on accutane. He thinks it will really help with my type of acne. I start in 2 weeks. Right now I'm trying Doxycycline (it's an antibiotic) with Cleocin-T in the morning and Brevoxyl 8% at night. In one week, I start some steroids that should clear me up in hopes to help me avoid the initial outbreak of Accutane.
  10. Abby! You look great! Absolutely fabulous! It must feel great to finally have great skin and not have to put on 10 lbs of make-up! Way to go!
  11. i'm on day 9 on the regimen. my face broke out incredibly! probably worse than it ever has! i don't touch my face anymore, i dont know what i did. I started Ortho-tri-cyclen about half a month ago, and maybe the new hormone levels are giving me initial breakouts. Does anyobody have any personal experience in this area? I think I'm going to try Accutane, but I'm afraid. I'm going to talk to my derm tomorrow. Face is still peeling off in sheets! flakes and flakes! Argh! Anyway, i'll keep ya updat
  12. That's good news. How much do you drink a day? I try to drink at LEAST 8 (8 oz) bottles of water a day, if not more. I just started. I hope it improves...
  13. perhaps it takes time. nit just certain days. over time water helps you lose weight, and it IS good for the skin. i don't know if it can clear up acne, but it sure can't hurt.
  14. let me know how it works for you. i may try it. my face was really clearing up, but i just recently broke out really bad! i'm so hopeless. i'll do anything to fix it.
  15. No, does Maderma really work all that well? Go to your derm. and ask him to inject the cyst with cortizone. it may take a couple times, depending on the cyst, but see if he/she thinks that will work. i've heard great things about it.