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  1. How long does it typically take to ship to Vancouver Canada? Ordered on the 7th still hasnt arrived.
  2. That's the thing though I washed my hair without shampoo for a week and I still breakout. Its almost like my skin gets stripped down from over-showering. I am changing my shower head tomorrow to something less powerful.
  3. Ive been on the Regime for 2 years now. Recently, I started washing my hair with water some days and shampoo the other days on a daily basis. About a week into this I developed pretty severe forehead acne that I have never even come remotely close to experiencing before. The regime seems to do nothing for this acne as it seems to be fully the cause of washing my hair everyday. I dont use any hair products or anything and primarily I just wash my hair with water in the mornings. It goes awa
  4. I used the Neutrogena oil free moisturizer for about a year on the regime and while it didnt cause any breakouts it did an awful job moisturizing. Following neutrogena oil-free I gave Neutrogena Healthy Skin a try. This moisturizer did a good job moisturizing but was too harsh and resulted in continuous breakouts. Next up came Cetaphil Moisturizing Lotion. I really liked it the first week I used it(even though It made my what typically appears to be extremely dry skin appear really shiny and
  5. Ive been using neutrogena healthy skin (non-spf night version)for a week now and each day I arise with more breakouts and clogged pores. I started using this stuff to fade red marks and if anything as of right now my red marks look worse than before. Is this just an initial stage or does this stuff just not work well for some people?
  6. How long does it typically take to get the order shipped out now? In all my previous orders I got an email stating that the order had been shipped the day after I placed my order.
  7. I just ordered 2 tubes of Dans BP to be shipped to Canada. The last few month Ive been paying 5.75 for shipping where as on this order I was charged 7.71. Is this an increase in the shipping charge or just an error on my order?
  8. I too experienced problems with the new bg gel a while back. However, for the past several weeks my skin hasnt been red nor blotchy and all has been fine.
  9. Ever since I started using the new BP gel 4 days ago there are several things that Ive notice: 1) My acne has worsened tremendously. Now I am not completely sure if this is due to the new bp gel or not, but it is a weird coincidence considering Ive been pretty clear on the regime for the past few months. 2) My face becomes extremely red immediately following bp application. This usually last for 40 minutes post application and never happened with the old bp gel-aside from perhaps the first
  10. Yea dude I am pretty sure that Ive been doing all the steps. Ive been reading these boards for a while now it would be pretty damn pathetic if I didnt have it down after 3.5 month. I am using cetaphil cleanser, dans bp gel and neutrogena moisturizer right now. I have really dry skin, I am thinkin thats y products like proactiv and this regime dont quite work well for me. Also, cetaphil cleanser really drys the hell out of my skin and thus I am thinkin of maybe switching to something else. B
  11. Same thing for me. Ive been doing it for around 3.5month without being clear. In fact, I am not even remotely close to being clear right now. Around week 6 and 7 I noticed a definite improvement but since then Ive still been breaking it a couple of days a week and no improvement with regards to my old red marks. I am gonna give this thing another month but I too am pretty sure that this aint gonna clear me. It did help reduce my acne but factoring the cost and time consumption that it requi
  12. I am Jack's cold sweat I am Jack's colon. I am Jack's raging bile duct I am Jack's complete lack of surprise I get cancer, I kill Jack.