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  1. I've also been having a bear of time trying to figure out which moisturizer to use. Trying to make a long story short, used BP for years and it worked very well and then suddenly, it started to make my skin red and peel like crazy. I've been trying for two years now to get my acne back under control but to no avail. I read Dan's review of Cerave moisturizer and it made me worry that it was breaking me out too! I started searching again for a moisturizer without comedogenic ingredients. I got rea
  2. I'm the lightest shade (well, most of the time lighter) in drugstore cosmetics. I would not even bother ordering 0--it's gotta be for albinos. I'm a 2 for Siamese. I'd try 1 and 2 if you are pale. And check out Siamese because it's a neutral color. If you click my name you should be able to see a picture of my face and how pale I am.
  3. I get eczema on my hands, arms, head, ears, and hairline but not on my face...just the sideburn area. I've been able to control it by changing soaps (and never deviating)--see my signature. I'd start out slowly and maybe just on a part of your face to see what happens. Make sure you moisturize well.
  4. Carmex is not good for your lips. Any mint or citrus ingredient is not good. I've been using the Lip Smacker's Natural Honeydew Melon and really like it. It's cheaper than other natural lip balms.
  5. Yeah, try out Meow--so much better than EM. They don't give you that shiny, pearly look. If your pores are starting to look bigger then they are probably getting clogged.
  6. Foundation ones--every few days with my skin cleanser (see my sig--Nutribiotic). Eye makeup ones...not that often. But then again, I probably only use them once a week.
  7. Here's a tip for applying sunscreen. This takes more time, but it's worth it. I use CeraVe moisturizer AM. This is what I do to make the white absorb better: 15 mins after BP, I add half as much regular moisturizer that I normally would--so 1 pump of the regular CeraVe moisturizer. Then I wait for that to dry--20 mins or so. It shouldn't feel tacky at all. Then I apply the CeraVe AM lotion. It absorbs much better that way!
  8. You could have a tan on your face if you haven't been wearing sunblock. BP can make you more sensitive to UV rays.
  9. I don't remember--this was years ago. I believe it takes a week or even more for a pimple to form.
  10. No, there's not a correlation. You should use a sunscreen like Blue Lizard Sensitive/Baby or Neutrogena Baby and reapply often. For your face, you should use something like CeraVe AM lotion. Any sort of tan means you have damaged your skin.
  11. I can't remember if it was Dessert Essence brand (if not, it was similar) but I'm pretty sure it broke me out. I'm very careful to rule out other factors before saying something broke me out. I thought I'd never use jojoba again but figured I'd give Dan's jojoba a try when it came out. And it definitely does not break me out. I'm guessing it's because the process of making it could be different or maybe even the quality of it. It's worth trying out imo. You could always use it for your feet
  12. Have you cut the bottle open? You'd be surprised at how much can be left when you think it's out.
  13. My fiance and family see me often w/o makeup but I wouldn't want to go out without it. To me, I feel like no makeup is the equivalent of wearing sweats outside of the house. Sweats are great to lie around in but not so great at work/somewhere nice. Maybe once every few months I will go to somewhere like the store or home depot w/o makeup...but that's only at night. I like to wear mmu as an extra layer of sunscreen in the day if I go out in the daytime.
  14. Sounds like you're using the old one. I'd give his new one a try. The old one burned me but the new one didn't at all. I use CeraVe Moisturing Lotion though because it is better at keeping flakes away. But I've only used his new moisturizer once so I can't really give it a fair review. I did get flakes a few hours after using it though. But it's definitely worth trying. I got a sunburn on my back and chest and it felt very soothing when I applied his new moisturizer. His new one is very y
  15. I did it for a month or so and it didn't cause breakouts. But it didn't help my flakiness either. My current regimen does (see my signature). If it works for your flakes, awesome. Here's something I do in the shower--I apply jojoba to my face (before getting it wet) first thing. Then I do everything I need to do in the shower and was my face last. It's like a moisture mask.