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  1. I've been using it for 1 year and can't liv without it. My derm prescribed it for me because I suffer from Rosacea along with acne. It helps keep my skin under control especially the redness.
  2. The Derm currently put me on Minocycline. She said if my back acne doesn't clear up with it she will put me on Accutane. I heard alot of bad things about that treatment. Does your mother still suffer from her body acne? Did Accutane cleared her up for good or was it temporary? I'am really feeling desperate I'am a walking mutant ](*,)
  3. Body? I get acne and deep cysts on my back and shoulders. Its very depressing because as a female I cant ejoy the summer like going out to the beach or wearing something sleeveless. I've been suffering with this since I was 12 years old and now I'am 25 and it seems it will never goe away. Just wanted to know if anyone outhere could relate male and female.
  4. The derm just gave me these I started 2 days agos on 50 mg twicw a day but my pops told me to take it every six hrs because its low in mg's. :-k :?:
  5. I suffer from Rosacea, Seborheic Dermatitis and Acne. I ran out of my Plexion cleanser which helped keep the redness under control. Its been a week and a half that I've been without it and the redness started to build up so I went back to the derm like 2 days ago and she prescribed my plexion cleanser And I just started using it yesterday and the redness is still here and it itches so much i cant even scratch it. she didnt give me any kind of lotion to bring the redness down or to stop the itc
  6. I cant even go out and dont have cover up. Anyone knows what can I use to make the redness goes away..... thank you :^o [-o<
  7. Where they would sell dermablend? I have a neautrogena concealer but it doensnt hide the cyst it looks teribble its red purpulish too. it looks like it doenst want to go away...
  8. What should I do to cover this ugly red bump for tommorow? ](*,) :?: I've had this for a week already and it does'nt seem to go away.
  9. =D> I also been on minocycline this is my 2 month and my face has slightly cleared but now I'm getting cysts on my face and neck where i use to never get this before I started on the medication. Is one on my neck and one between my nose. Has this happened to you in the begginning?. Well there are getting flatter because I'm using with Benzaclin and plexion cleanser. But I guess I will have to will a little longer to see major improvent especially on my back and shoulder where I get a couple
  10. I'm still to this day battling acne at the age of 25. I been suffering from acne ever since I was 13, I was also teased in school and suffered from low-self esttem. Now the acne isnt that bad but I still break out and I suffer from other conditions as well. Its just a matter of keeping it under control and loving yourself for who you are and having special people in our lives that love us and care for us. Its not a life-threating disease so there not much to worry about just keeping it under c
  11. I'm losing hope with this I think Dermatologists are only in for the money. They prescribed so much medicine and it will do the temporary fix than the acne comes back again or sometimes using those medications will make it worse. They dont realize thats this is a serious matter and psychologically it affects many people. My dematologists diagnosed me Rosacea, seborheic dermatitis, moderate acne and psoriases is this possible for me to suffer from all this conditions? I dont know if its me only